When You Wish Upon A Star

  • Movie: When You Wish Upon A Star
  • Romaji: Hoshi no furu machi
  • Japanese: ほしのふるまち
  • Director: Koji Kawano
  • Writer: Hiroko Kanasugi, Hidenori Hara (manga), Koji Kawano
  • Producer: Chikako Nakabayashi
  • Cinematographer: Jun Fukumoto
  • Release Date: April 2, 2011
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Kotaro Tsutsumi (Aoi Nakamura) is a teenager living in Toyama Prefecture who fails to get into a prestigious high school in Tokyo. Kotaro’s mother (Satomi Tezuka), afraid of what others will think, decides to send Kotaro off to distant relatives – the Miyamoto family. In the process, Kotaro must transfer to a high school in Himi City.Next door to the Miyamoto family lives Nagisa Ichinose, who is in the same grade and attends the same high school as Kotaro. In order to help her mother (Michiko Hada), who supports the family alone, Nagisa stops playing for the handball team and even gives up her pursuit of becoming a nurse.For the upcoming school cultural festival, Kotaro and Nagisa happen to partner together to build a planetarium. While Kotaro and Nagisa are looking at the stars, Kotaro recalls his past when he was fascinated by space and hooked on astronomy books. Kotaro then decides on one thing.Meanwhile, Minako Kurita (Kinuyo Kodama) is a classmate of Kotaro. Minako also has a crush on Kotaro. Also, Masaki is the only son in the Miyamoto family. He is Nagisa’s first love …


  • Aoi Nakamura – Kotaro Tsutsumi
  • Rio Namashita – Nagisa Ichinose
  • Satomi Tezuka – Kotaro’s Mom
  • Rie Shibata – Nagisa’s Mom
  • Michiko Hada
  • Manami Azechi
  • Matsunosuke Shofukutei
  • K.G. – Masaki
  • Kinuyo Kodama – Minako Kurita

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