[MV + Hot Shot] 4Minute Have 4 Minutes Left To Have A Heart To Heart

The girls are back with not only a new video but their first FULL ALBUM! The girls had constantly teased people everyday and they have finally revealed a tracklist, their official cover for their first full album and the video for “Heart To Heart.” The video has CNBlue’s Jungshin in it. The video is quite hilarious and very entertaining. It’s actually sorta different but the song still sounds like any other KPop song. -_- Check out the video.

Credits: TheKpopSubber @ YT

Also the tracklist for their full album titled “4 Minutes Left” has also been released along with a official cover. Check out the tracklist and the photo.

01. 4Minutes Left – 1:17
02. 거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror) – 3:35
03. Heart to Heart – 3:49
04. Sweet Suga Honey! – 3:25
05. 모르는 척 (Pretend) – 3:52
06. You Know – 3:54
07. Already Gone – 3:32
08. First – 3:30
09. Hide and Seek – 3:25
10. 나쁘게 (Badly) – 3:32

The album will be released by April 5th.


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