New Couples Of “We Got Married?”

It has been revealed during a preview that there will be two new couples being added to the “We Got Married” program. I don’t watch it, though I wish I could. It seems pretty fun, judging from the preview. I just don’t have time anymore to watch things. I can’t even watch new music videos without being disrupted. But off with my life and on with the news!

A preview has been showed for the first encounter of two new couples. 1)  T-Ara’s Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo, actor. As it is shown in the preview, it seems like their ‘relationship’ will be full of awkward and hilarious moments. I seriously gotta watch this show. And 2) Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun, who are both actors. Their preview is shown in a car while Kim talks about spilling secrets to the public about his ‘wife.’ The preview also shows the majestic Khuntoria couple. Check out the preview!

Credits: WeezingKoffing @ YT


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