G-Dragon Seen In Motorola Ad Without Him Knowing?

This is actually quite hilarious but it’s interesting. I didn’t find this type of news important but I had to let some VIP’s laugh a little bit.

Okay, well if some of you have seen the new Motorola commercial on TV (I sure as hell haven’t seen it) but apparently GDragon was in it… and this is the catch… he didn’t know! No one knew except for crazy stalking fans that can see GDragon anywhere they can. This ad is for the Motorla Xoom, which is a pretty cool gadget if you’ve seen the ad. 

The commercial must have been made about four months ago because it features a still from GD & TOP’s “High High.” Over 8 million people have seen the “High High” video. So when they were showing how cool the gadget is and appeared on YouTube’s ‘Featured’, GD’s still popped up. *Gasp* And so were many other YouTubers who we don’t really care about. Yaay. Anyways here’s the 30s ad and if the video doesn’t work or you’re too lazy to click play and waste 30 seconds of your life.. check out the still below.

Hahaha. I’m still laughing. The people from Motorola might be “WTE-ffing” themselves but they got some people to watch the ads and want their new technology. Benefits both.


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