[Throwback] Utada Hikaru Finds Her First Love

This is one of the few songs that are probably on the playlist of many people in Japan. If you do not know this song, I feel ashamed of you because this is the most selling single in Japan… EVER! If you do not know who Utada Hikaru is… She’s pretty much the Michael Jackson of Japan. She produces, writes and composes most of her music. She’s been going at her music for over 10 years. Utada is probably one of the most influential artist in all of Japan.. alongside with Ayumi Hamasaki.

This throwback is for the song titled “First Love” by the legend, Utada Hikaru. It is an award-wining single along with the award winning album titled “First Love.” On it’s debut week in Japan, it sold more than 2 million sales. And this is just Utada’s debut in Japan and the first week by itself. In Japan alone, Utada’s album “First Love” sold and estimate of 8.53 million records and sold over 10 million worldwide. Due to the fact of how much it sold worldwide, this has been marked as the best-selling album in Asian history. Not in Japan, but Asian history.

All the songs in Utada’s album “First Love” is written AND composed by her. If you listen to this song, I guarantee that you will fall in love with it. Utada Hikaru still remains influential in Asian music scene and is still selling out her new records. But first, let’s throwback into 1999 and check out Utada’s “First Love.”

Credits: Hikki @ YT


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