Sweet Palpitations

  • Title: 두근두근 달콤 / Dugeun Dugeun Dalkom
  • Also known as: Sweet Pitapat
  • Genre: Family, romance
  • Episodes: 100+
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2011-May-02 to TBA
  • Air time: Monday to Saturday 9:20 AM

Kim Min Joo is a spirited single mother who falls in love with Jung Do Hyung, the playboy president of a broadcasting company. Do Hyung had an arranged marriage with Jang Jin Hee in the past, but their divorced soon after his car accident in the U.S. He finds true love when he meets Min Joo.


  • Heo Young Ran as Kim Min Joo
  • Min Suk as Jung Do Hyung
  • Won Ki Joon as Goo Chang Ho
  • Jo Ha Rang as Jang Jin Hee

Min Joo’s family

  • Lee Jung Gil as Kim Man Bok
  • Im Ye Jin as Lee Ok Soon
  • Kim Hyun Kyoon as Lee Duk Soo
  • Park Jin Soo (박진수) as Kim Kang San
  • Lee So Yoon (이소윤) as Wang Ming Ming
  • Jung Young Sook as Yang Ae Ja
  • Choi Hee Won (최희원) as Kim Ha Na

Do Hyung’s family

  • Lee Young Hoo as Jung Dae Gil
  • Kim Young Ran as Im Jin Sook
  • Park Hyung Joon as Jung Do Jin
  • Ban Min Jung (반민정) as Woo Young Ae
  • Uhm Min Woo (엄민우) as Jung Shi Woo
  • Kim Il Kwon (김일권) as Butler Wang

Broadcasting Station

  • Lee Dal Hyung as Director Oh
  • Baek Bong Ki as Kim Joon Sub
  • Go Jung Min as Yoo Mal Hee

Other people

  • Jung Hwan as Kang Ki Hoon
Credits: mayries05 @ YT

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