I Make Too Much Promises – Might Be Deleted..? Wha?

Yes I do. I promised I’d be back on track and write on this blog almost every single day. But just like any other writer, you have to be encouraged to write. I guess for this past few weeks and month, I wasn’t really inspired. Especially since school began some few weeks back, and I already have enough writing to do over there. Haha. I really don’t know what to do with this blog. I don’t plan to delete it, but I might abandon it. I do have some plans to do though. I plan to keep up with the new movies and dramas, but not currently. I’m stacked with work. I’ve also planned to make another blog (or just keep this blog) and write about random topics. The AMBW topic has also been striking me quite lately. If you don’t know what AMBW means, it stands for Asian Men, Black Women. I’ve never tried to write down my race or what I do with my personal life on here, because I love mysterious things. So to be safe, we’ll keep it like that. Am I black, Asian, white..  I don’t know. You take a guess, but you might be wrong. I’ve also been quite interested in how big the Hallyu Wave has become. I would also love to write a topic on that. I also talked about it in my upcoming video titled “Evolution of Kpop (1995 – 2011).” Trust me, this one’s gonna be good.

Anyway, I promised before that I would make a “Evolution of Korean Music” video. Trust me, I’ve already began on that project. The video is really interesting and I can’t wait to upload it on YouTube and share it with all you beautiful people. It took me some while because I wanted to find the perfect editing software. I’ve entered the film class in my school, so I hope this video is way better than what you expect. Since I’m taking film school, I really don’t know what else will be in store on this blog or on the youtube page. Anyway, I’ve stopped writing news. It’s just too long to translate, copy, read, understand, blah blah.

For now, I cannot do much. I probably can write once a month/ two months. It’s been tough these past few weeks. I’ll get back on my polls. Get back on my music. But for now, AMERICA awaits me with their music.

I hope many people will come and visit the old posts on this blog, enjoy life, and keep loving. Bai bai.


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