[Throwback] g.o.d Learns How To Lie

I was editing my project for the whole little “Evolution of Kpop (1995 – 2011)” stuff and this was one of the songs that would be included in the project, but not revealed in the trailer of course. Thanks to this little project that I’m doing, I have a TON of throwback Kpop videos for all of you guys to check out. Anyway, I heard the song throughout while editing and this song is just beautifully.. mean. Lyric wise. But the voices were surprising and soft and just all around great. The lyrics just surprise me cause it’s really ballad and then to find out he’s talking about leaving his girlfriend.. shocking.

This throwback song is titled “Lies” by g.o.d. Now, g.o.d debuted in the year of 1999 with the song “To Mother.” They immediately became one of the hottest boy bands in all of KPop history. Their name g.o.d (지오디) stands for Groove Over Dose. Neat, huh? Their group name is usually lowercase, so many wouldn’t confuse or criticize them for using God.

They debuted under the prestigious JYP Entertainment. While the years went by, their fame grew more and more. When their third album, titled Lies, was released in 2000, it became their first album to sell 1 million marking them in the category “million seller,” of groups who have had over one million copies of their albums sold. Their fourth album, Road sold even higher, marking the 2 million spot. But, sadly as they kept producing and giving out new albums, their sales went down. In the year of 2006, the group split.

On the 600th episode of KBS’ Music Bank, three members also performed this song, Lies, to reveal how great they are. As old as they get and how much time passes by, g.o.d still remains a legend in the Kpop world.

Credits: chocobeano @ YT, Wiki, generasia.


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