[Movie Review] The Wonder Girls At The Apollo

Well, just yesterday I finally watched Wonder Girls’ movie titled “The Wonder Girls at the Apollo.” Because I watched the movie, I thought it’d be a fun idea to do a movie review for it. Now, I’m going to be harsh and I’m going to be nice. I observed almost everything about the movie. To their styles, their walk and of course their performance. Now, I did not leave the crew behind the camera out also. I watched the editing, I watched for lighting and I also watched for how the camera operator performed. Some people may ask “how would I know these things?” Well, I actually take film classes and acting classes, so I understand 70/30 of everything that was going on. This will be an interesting journey. Won’t it, KoJos?

Okay, let’s start with the story. The story was, well, cliché. It was like any other story. The group of girls come into the story, they find something to get in trouble for, then they find an enemy (School Gyrls), they make new friends quicker than a millisecond, they start a competition against their enemy. Oh no! A member randomly wants to do their best and starts to break apart from the other members. Oh no! Something happened to them so they can’t find a way to get to their performance in time. Oh wait, someone helps them and they come on and perform. And of course, there’s always that sparkle of romance between one person in the story. It was just like any other story I’ve seen. If you’ve watched a movie about the main characters getting into a competition and something happens between the characters, then there’s trouble before the competition start, then you’ve seen it. In fact, it sort of reminds me of the Cheetah Girls. Same crap happened. Couldn’t they have picked a better story? It was ALL cliché. The funny side-man they had. The manager or guardian that wants to keep them away from doing what they’re NOT supposed to do, but sees how great they are at the end. I hated how Yenny, randomly in the middle of the movie, tries to push them and calls Yoobin untalented. It was just too random and too much. We all know in a story, there has to be a climax. Well, dear writers of this movie, we’ve seen this one already. Pick another one!

Let’s check out the crew behind this movie. Since I mainly focus on editing my movies, I mainly focused on how the editing went. I must say. The crew did well. They did. Except I hated the random cuts when they would say something. Ex. Betty Charleston, portrayed by legend Angie Stone, stated “they’ll boo you off.” And then it cuts to the crowd booing. We got it. We don’t need to see two seconds of people booing. Also, why didn’t the crew show Wonder Girls eat the Soul Food? I always wondered. They showed the guards eating the soul food, but Wonder Girls, it just cuts to them feeling sleepy. They could’ve taken a bite out and then cut to it. Are the girls on a diet? If so, someone should stop them.

Lets move on to judging … the girls. Okay, I thought they were pretty good actresses. I enjoyed watching them light up my HD TV. The only thing that worried me a lot was that Sohee said like, what? Five lines throughout the movie. If no one realized, Sohee hardly said anything. I think the first words she said were “Korea,” when the School Gyrls asked them where they were from. What was with that? Did Sohee not speak English well? Did no one want her to speak? Or was she hired to stand and look cute, because during a lot of interviews in the states, she stands there. I don’t know. I thought the girls were great actors. Not exactly amazing because they were portraying themselves. School Gyrls were actually annoying. They had too much diva on their faces and too much of nothing to give to me. I was bored with them. But I’m not blaming the School Gyrls for such a bad performance, I blame the writers and producers of this movie for giving such a bad script and story to these two girls. Another thing that agitated me was that Yoobin’s rapping skills were never shown in the movie. Why? When they performed Nobody on Wendy Williams, people went wild when Yoobin began rapping. That was really frustrating to see.

All in all, Nick Cannon is trying way too hard to promote the School Gyrls. I know people should never give up, but promote them somewhere else. I thought the story was cheesy. It didn’t have to last for one hour because they squished a whole bunch of crap in to fit the climax in. The acting was okay, but it would’ve been better if the script weren’t full of random things. And the girls didn’t shine as they were supposed to. If I had to put the movie in a grading scale, it’d be a C-. Better luck next time, girls.

Anyway, check out the music video for their film. This song has been playing in my head since it came out.

Credits: teenick and wondergirls @ YT.


3 thoughts on “[Movie Review] The Wonder Girls At The Apollo

  1. I agree with you. The story was way too cheesy, (just like almost every single Teen Nick movie). The Wondergirls were far better off with another script that wasn’t actually getting old. Still, I’m very pleased with their efforts and the accomplishments. I think many teen nick viewers would like them 🙂 I will be waiting for the next apportunities for them to shine. Also Sohee actually doesn’t talk a lot in Korean so that was kind of a realistic portrayal of her. LOL

  2. Honestly, I loved it in all of its cheesiness. But yeah, anyone expecting a top-notch serious movie shouldn’t be watching Teen Nick movies anyways XD

  3. I thought the movie was a little cheesy. I think the Wonder Girls should focus more on the plot and what their audience want next time, if they make another attempt to make a movie. Also I wouldn’t give it a C- I’ll probably give their effort & movie a C+ because they did put in the effort to speak English and act. So maybe next time they should have a better plot and story. Something that will blow everybody’s mind. Not a cliche story. Ps: I’m a HUGE wonde girls fan and I even admit it was a by cheesy.

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