Hand in Hand

  • Movie: Hand in Hand
  • Revised romanization: Haero
  • Hangul: 해로
  • Director: Choi Jong-Tae
  • Release Date: March 22, 2012
  • Runtime: 113 min.
  • Distributor: Kino Eyes
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Min-Ho (Joo Hyun) and Hee-Jung (Ye Soo-Jung) have been married more then 40 years. As times passed by, they got used to living together and began living dull lives. One day, Min-Ho has a heart attack and collapses. Min-Ho recovers, but isn’t sure when his health might deteriorate again. Even worse, he begins to worry about his wife Hee-Jung after he passes away. Min-Ho hides his health condition from his wife and prepares small presents for his wife. He begins to feel love for his wife again in the process. A love miracle them comes to them at the last moment …

  • Joo Hyun
  • Ye Soo-Jung
  • Chae Min-Hee
  • Kim Bong-Gun

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