Evolution of Kpop Trailer.. OUT!

Remember how I said I’d make a video on how Kpop music has progressed for a few years… well, I’m almost done! In order to tease those who have been waiting for it and to open the eyes of those who never knew about it, I made a 1 minute and thirty five second trailer. It’s not the best editing job, but it’s something, right?

This project pretty much talks about how Kpop has grown since the year of 1995 to 2011. I will separate the years in parts, so I can handle giving the videos out without making people wait too much. The video will talk about what Kpop is and how the Hallyu Wave is slowly taking a strong impact across the world. If you don’t know what the Hallyu Wave is, expect to know what it is by the time I begin uploading the videos. The video will also contain information on Kpop from the 90s to now. It will also inform viewers on the negative and postive impacts of it and some of the information I found was actually pretty shocking. Continue reading

Kago Ai Reveals Pregnancy and Marriage

The former member of famous group, Morning Musume, announced on her official blog that she’s pregnant and had gotten married sometime during this month. She also stated that there will be no press conference to talk about her pregnancy or marriage.

Kago was hospitalized three months ago after an attempted suicide and was released on September 18. This revealed the situations she was having with her management and her boyfriend, Continue reading

Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Souske to Divorce

There had been several rumors claiming that Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Souske were divorcing and today, it has been confirmed. Takaoka confirmed it during a television broadcast stating, “the divorce will most likely be finalized before the end of this year.”

Apparently, Miyazaki and Takaoka had been living in separate houses since September, only to send the divorce papers to Takaoka in November. After contemplating and being surprised by it, Takoka later Continue reading

The GazettE Announces New Album.. and more!

The GazettE have revealed that they will be releasing a new album titled “Toxic” alongside with a new single titled “Remember The Urge.” The single will be released on August 31st and will come in two different versions: ‘Optical Impression’ and ‘Auditory Impression.’ Optical is a limited edition CD with two tracks and a DVD with the title track’s PV and making of. ‘Auditory’ contains only Continue reading

Incheon Korean Music Music Wave 2011 Revealed

The performers for the third Incheon Korean Music Wave has now been revealed and trust me, the list is great. It will be held at the Incheon Munhak Olympic Stadium on the 13th of August.

This concert not only supports the rapid growing of the Hallyu wave, but it also gives some eye or ear openers towards tourists. It has been revealed that a lot of French tourist have also taken some seats at the concert. Continue reading

[Hot Shot] After School’s Red And Blue Units Show Off Album Covers

After School as made something new after revealing that they’re having an upcoming comeback: They’ve split their group in two units. As you can tell in the above picture, the blue team is much more ‘mature’ and the red team is pictured a sexy badass image. Brave Brothers and Jo Young Soo will work for either teams.

The agency of After School do not want fans thinking there is trouble between members in which they were forced to split. Continue reading