[Hot Shot] After School’s Red And Blue Units Show Off Album Covers

After School as made something new after revealing that they’re having an upcoming comeback: They’ve split their group in two units. As you can tell in the above picture, the blue team is much more ‘mature’ and the red team is pictured a sexy badass image. Brave Brothers and Jo Young Soo will work for either teams.

The agency of After School do not want fans thinking there is trouble between members in which they were forced to split. Continue reading


[Hot Shot] BoA Kisses Derek Hough For New Hollywood Flick


Fanboys of BoA might be getting too mad about this, because as the picture above reveals that their is a kissing scene between BoA and her costar Derek Hough in the new flick slated to come out next year titled “COBU 3D.” The film set is revealed to be in Toronto, Canada, in which was filmed just yesterday. The film has been revealed to be about Continue reading

[Hot Shot] Hyori Is Beautiful For CLIO

Isn’t she always beautiful. Haha.

New photos were revealed to the public of Lee Hyori when she posed for the CLIO’s summer line, Sweet Pop Sea. The pictures were really eye catching as some of you can see.

In other news, it has been revealed that Lee will be taking a week off in July to visit Continue reading

[Hot Shot] 2AM’s Seulong Goes Animal For GQ

Literally. Haha.

The member of 2AM, Im Seulong, went without pants in his photoshoot for GQ, which was sort of unlike Seulong. He was sporting the underwear and some denims in one of his photoshoot. This not only made a different twist to fans but it showed how masculine Seulong truly is. Oh, he is. Check out the rest of the photoshoot. Continue reading

[Hot Shot] Girl’s Day Goes Short For Maxim Korea

Really short…

The girls of Girl’s Day are putting on their sexy short shorts or just a shirt for their photoshoot for Maxim Korea. They are catching men’s view and even some women’s when this photoshoot came out. They reveal their sexy legs and smize with their sexy faces. Though, some netizens aren’t fans of this photoshoot due to the fact that Minah and Hyeri are underaged. Well, who cares. Child molestation still happens. Let it happen to our celebs. -_- Continue reading

[Hot Shot] G.NA Styles For Elle

G.NA is looking quite stylish for her latest photoshoot for Elle Girl. This photoshoot had showed the beautiful figure of G.NA. This month magazine is supposed to capture ‘Dancing,’ which showed off well from her poses and outfits. In an interview, G.NA had revealed that when her father died at an early age and didn’t Continue reading