[MV] GP Basic Has Game

K-Pop’s newest girl group has now been revealed. GP Basic (the youngest girls in the K-Pop world) have revealed their MV for their titled song “Game”.

These girls are gaining attention because the youngest member is in elementary school, while the oldest member is just Continue reading


[Poll] Hottest Korean Guy Under 20!

We had made a poll last year that featured some of the hottest Korean girls under 20, now it’s the boys turn. We all love our Korean men… and their abs. There are many girls that go crazy for their “man” that we would threaten many others that get too close to them. We even shut down websites because of the harsh words we say. But that’s us fangirls. We present you the hottest Korean guys under 20!! Continue reading

Top 12 Kissing Scenes From Asian Dramas

We’ve made lots of polls and our most famous (so far) was our recent poll that happened last year. Now here comes another one, to spice things up a little. If you know what I mean.

KoJa Productions introduces “Top 12 Kissing Scenes From Asian Dramas”. You might complain and say that you probably don’t watch Asian dramas, or you’ve never watched any of the drama we posted or there are other better Asian drama kisses. Well, there are pictures, so choose which one steams you up! Continue reading

[Poll] Hottest Korean Girls Under 20

2am_KJPHere’s a topic we might all enjoy, especially you boys. It might blow your minds out if you see what’s coming up. KoJaProductions is now presenting to you Kojo’s the top 5 hottest Korean girls under 20… shall we start?

Let’s start with someone you all might, well should know. 2NE1’s Continue reading

Manabu Oshio admits of taking illegal drugs


And the case goes on.

Manabu Oshio confessed that he new he was taking illegal drugs. It was revealed on August 5th that Manabu Oshio was taken to jail for using illegal drugs. But we’re all wondering when this’ll end.

It is now confirmed that Manabu Oshio knows the woman that was found dead in her apartment. It is said that they both took MDMA (Ecstasy) at some point. Continue reading