[MV] JYJ Wants Ayyy Girl

Everyone, including me even though I’m not a big fan of them, have been waiting for the video to drop… and finally, FINALLY, it has came out. This will be a really hot issue, I will say in two minutes. But in two minutes, I’ll still be writing. You all get me.

The boys are finally hitting off their international debut with their new song “Ayyy Girl.” If you do not know about this it is either you do not know who JYJ or DBSK are or you don’t like them. Even if you didn’t like them, you’d still know about this. Anyways, the video is based off ‘Gods of Olympus.’ Check out their new video.  Continue reading

A Taiwanese Absolute Boyfriend Starring Two Big Asian Stars

It has been revealed that there will be a Taiwanese remake of the hit manga/ Japanese drama “Absolute Boyfriend/ Zettai Kareshi.” I am super happy because I loved the manga and the Japanese drama. I cannot wait to see it.

It has been revealed that famous Taiwanese actor/singer, Wu Chun, will be playing Tenjo Night (Not official character name), while famous Korean actress/director, Goo Hye Sun, will be playing Izawa Riko (Not official character name). This meeting of two big stars have made this new drama broadcast in parts of Asia rather than just Taiwan.  Continue reading

The Green Hornet To Be Released In January 2011

In the states.

Well, I was watching “Salt” yesterday and then “The Green Hornet” trailer came on. So, I was wondering where have I heard this from and who is this Asian guy in this movie? I’ve seen him before but I couldn’t remember his name. Then, I remembered… he took Kwon Sang Woo’s job. Continue reading

SM Entertainment Violates Han Geng’s Human Rights

I wonder how the stars in SM Entertainment deal with what’s happening.

HanGeng had an interview with BTV program on July 12th. The reporter had asked him a few questions about his treatment in SM Entertainment and he had answered with amazing answers that would shock many fans of SuJu and the SM Family.

HanGeng had sued SM last year to leave his 13 year contract with SM and the battle is still going on today. It is said that he had sued SM after a number of Continue reading

Court Case On Crebeau’s WiShop Plus Drops?

What does this mean?

Crebeau’s WiShop Plus, a cosmetic brand that DBSK’s Jaejoong, YooChun, and Junsu invest in, filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment but now it seems to be have been dropped. There were a lot of controversy to the brand and they had sued the Continue reading