JunJaeYoon To Release A WorldWide Album?

Well we haven’t heard much about DBSK, but we’ve heard a lot about JunJaeYoon.

The three ex-members of DBSK are planning to release a worldwide album? Fans say what? It is said that Timbaland and Kim Hyung Shik will be participating in this. Hey, they’re both great composers and producers!! Continue reading

[MV] Wonder Girls’ Reveal 2 Different Tears

As you  can see in the picture above, the girls performed at Wango Tango hosted by Kiis FM on May 15th. Go girls! You may also view more pictures at KIIS FM website.

Also, the girls had a successful album lunch in the Conga room located in Los Angeles.

The MV for their first new song in America is now released. But before we all watch the video I have to say Continue reading

Wonder Girls Show 2 Different Tears

These girls are slowly spicing things up for their new english album. But wait… what’s 2 Different Tears? You may ask… I’ll give you more info as you keep reading. 2 Different Tears will be released on May 15th! But what is it? Keep reading!!

Wonder Girls’ member Sohee and YooBin both made up the concept for this new album because SoHee and YooBin look ultra fab. This is another Continue reading

Junsu, Jaejoong and YooChun Makes New Unit?

Wait, wait, wait… what?

It was revealed earlier this month by AVEX that TVXQ (DBSK) would be putting their activities to a halt. But what’s this unit we speak of? This unit consists of the three members suing SM Entertainment: Jaejoong, YooChun, and Junsu.

The three members will make their debut titled Continue reading

Let Me Go Junho

Everyone should know this cutie by now. If you don’t, ur not a DBSK fan. Hmph. Neither am I… but I know him.

DBSK member, Junsu, has his little brother, Junho, in China for a new MV. This MV isn’t for Junsu, instead it’s for Junho. Junho plans to debut in China with the stage name “Zuno” under BIAS Entertainment. His titled track will be Continue reading

Kwon Sang Woo won’t make Hollywood Debut yet


Life isn’t all that great, but it can get better.

It’s been revealed that Kwon Sang Woo isn’t going to debut in Hollywood just yet due to the Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou. Well, Jay Chou is just awesome, so at this point I don’t care who won the part.

Kwon Sang Woo was supposed to act as Kato in the upcoming Hollywood movie “The Green Hornet”.

The director of the film, Michael Gondry, announced that Jay Chou is incredibly charming and fights like a wild dog. Continue reading