[Hot Shot] 2AM’s Seulong Goes Animal For GQ

Literally. Haha.

The member of 2AM, Im Seulong, went without pants in his photoshoot for GQ, which was sort of unlike Seulong. He was sporting the underwear and some denims in one of his photoshoot. This not only made a different twist to fans but it showed how masculine Seulong truly is. Oh, he is. Check out the rest of the photoshoot. Continue reading


[Visualize This] An Ab Fest On KBS’ “100 Points Out Of 100”

This one is, of course, for the ladies.

The girls of KBS’ “100 Points Out Of 100” received a lucky surprise on March 5th when 2AM’s Jinwoon, Hyun Woo, Son Ho Young, and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon revealed their abs to them. Then again, you could just search it up on the internet but they got it better because they saw it up close.  Continue reading

[Poll] Hottest Korean Guy Under 20!

We had made a poll last year that featured some of the hottest Korean girls under 20, now it’s the boys turn. We all love our Korean men… and their abs. There are many girls that go crazy for their “man” that we would threaten many others that get too close to them. We even shut down websites because of the harsh words we say. But that’s us fangirls. We present you the hottest Korean guys under 20!! Continue reading

Epik High, 2AM, And MORE To Stream Live From YouTube!

Oh… yeah!

YouTube will be holding a concert in Gwangjangdon, Seoul on March 20th. Huge Korean stars such as Epik High, 2AM, Clazziquai Project and more will be starring in this concert! Fans on the internet and in Seoul will definitely enjoy this! Fans around the world will also enjoy this awesome concert. Continue reading

[MV] Jo Kwon And Ga-In Fell In Love

The video is finally released for all to see!!

Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon have joined forces to make a new single titled “We Fell In Love”. This isn’t a music video that has flashing lights and has 900,000 dollar cars in the background. It’s sweet and lovable. Continue reading

Boys Like To Be Girls On SBS Gayo Daejun

I’m sorry that I can’t cover every special thing that was on SBS Gayo Daejun, but I have to cover this one.

We all love to laugh and express ourselves… it looks like the boys love doing it too. We’ve seen many guys dance to Gee and So Hot, but lets enjoy more of seeing boys enjoy being girls for some minutes.

Super Junior and SHINee are all up to dancing for Gee and 2PM danced for their new friends T-ara. Continue reading