2PM’s Junho Can Be A Freak… In The Showers?

During an interview for “Good Day – Entertainment Plus,” some new information was being sparkled all over Junho. The interview was placed at the set of their new CF. And they were constantly asked different questions about the CF and the brand. While they were being asked, a question had sneaked in between the interview asking the boys what they would want to do if they had a girlfriend. Junsu had still been thinking about the beverage they were selling and jokingly stated that he wants to travel to Switzerland Continue reading


[Hot Shot]Taecyeon Releases Emotions

Oh, my poor baby! He’ll make me cry.

Things have been going quite rough for the 2PM boys and finally, Taecyeon reveals his tears towards the public. 2PM had held a Guerilla concert titled X-Concert in the street of Hongdae, Seoul earlier today. People were surprised that the boys could still perform even with Junsu on crutches and the injured voice of WooYoung.

As the concert went on, all of a sudden fans were watching Taecyeon Continue reading

How Many Korean Artist Are Coming Back In April?

There have been many updates from one to the other. All I have to say is that I’ll be writing about a lot of comebacks this April.

From MBLAQ to SHINee, from Lee Hyori to Son Dam Bi. The question is how many artists are (might) be coming back this April. We’ve updated and told you about them, now we’ve found out how much artists will be coming back. There’s a total of 1 Continue reading

D-NA’s Mika Is 2PM’s Junsu’s Cousin!

I knew there was something to him. That’s why I had dibs on Mika before they even debuted.

It has been revealed that D-NA member, Mika, is related to 2PM’s Junsu. Mika is Junsu’s second cousin since Junsu and Mika’s mother are cousins! They both dreamt of becoming famous artists in the Korean industry, while they grew up in Daegoo. Continue reading

Taecyeon Wants To Start A New Era Without JaeBum?

Fans are already mad enough about the departure of Jaebum but it doesn’t look like Taecyeon will be the guy to make spirits higher.

Taecyeon recently made a post on his fan-cafe, stating something that seems to enrage fans quite a bit. It seems like he wants to start a “new beginning”  with out Jaebum. The post had said “It’s a new beginning. Shall we start it together?” Oh yeah, that made fans mad. Then again, they have to start sometime without Jaebum. Continue reading

2PM Taecyeon’s To Be In Cinderella’s Sister

Taecyeon is confirmed to be in the upcoming KBS2 drama “Cinderella’s Sister”. Taecyeon will be playing JungWoo, who is an intelligent gentleman who is kinda childlike and has a crush on Eunjo, which Moon Geun Young will play.

Taecyeon hasn’t had any acting experience but it is said that he fits in well with the drama and casts. The new drama will come out in March, and look out for it! We’ll be keeping you updated.