[MV] B2ST & 4Minute Welcomes You To Korea

On April 14th, SBS’s Inkigayo featured a “Super Concert Wonderful Jeju” and two big groups in Cube Entertainment teamed up and made a song titled “Greeting Song.” The video isn’t all that great but the landscape is. Continue reading


[MV + Hot Shot] 4Minute Have 4 Minutes Left To Have A Heart To Heart

The girls are back with not only a new video but their first FULL ALBUM! The girls had constantly teased people everyday and they have finally revealed a tracklist, their official cover for their first full album and the video for “Heart To Heart.”  Continue reading

Nine Muses Becomes Ten Muses

The so-called “Model” idol group will be adding another member. Which is kind of shocking and annoying, considering there are already nine people squeezed into a photo. The new member is Mun Hyuna and NO! It is not 4Minute’s HyunA.
Their agency wants them to spread out and be hosts, singers, actresses, models and so on. While they do their things and become an  individual star… then why make a group?  Continue reading

[MV] KARA Sings Mister In Japanese

KARA’s voice kind of goes with the Japanese music today and unlike 4Minute’s Japanese version of “I My Me Mine”, I can understand that they’re speaking Japanese.

The girls revealed the Japanese song for their “booty shakin’ ” MV of Mister. The girls are quite sexy, unlike their cute side. The girls brought this hot dance in 2009 and now it will officially Continue reading

[MV] 4Minute is always for “Muzik”


After releasing a teaser, the official MV finally came out! The video is very very colorful, and the girls are, of course, sexeh! But I’m not bi or gay, so it wasn’t to me. Just like in the video they had a hot car! It’s a yellow Nissan 370z.

The song is ultraish boring to me. It sounds like “Hot Issue” or any other Korean song, so it doesn’t amaze me. Continue reading