A Taiwanese Absolute Boyfriend Starring Two Big Asian Stars

It has been revealed that there will be a Taiwanese remake of the hit manga/ Japanese drama “Absolute Boyfriend/ Zettai Kareshi.” I am super happy because I loved the manga and the Japanese drama. I cannot wait to see it.

It has been revealed that famous Taiwanese actor/singer, Wu Chun, will be playing Tenjo Night (Not official character name), while famous Korean actress/director, Goo Hye Sun, will be playing Izawa Riko (Not official character name). This meeting of two big stars have made this new drama broadcast in parts of Asia rather than just Taiwan.  Continue reading

Hiro Mizushima and Ayaka are dating?

The actor from the hit drama, Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), Hiro Mizushima, and famous singer, Ayaka, were caught on camera together, and it seemed like they were on a date.

They were spotted getting out of a Taxi in Azabu-Juban in the night wearing sunglasses. Because it was drizzling, they were both holding Mizushima’s umbrella. They waisted time together in a restaurant for about an hour and thirty minutes together. At that time, they were holding each other’s hand tightly while holding the umbrella. They later on left and went inside a very rich looking type apartment building.

People think they might have gotten close while they were both acting Absolute Boyfriend. Ayaka sang the theme song “Okaeri”, which means welcome, while Mizushima played Asamoto Soshi.

Their company, Ken-on, had no comment about this relationship, but it seemed to be already confirmed that this two are currently dating.