[Hot Shot] After School’s Red And Blue Units Show Off Album Covers

After School as made something new after revealing that they’re having an upcoming comeback: They’ve split their group in two units. As you can tell in the above picture, the blue team is much more ‘mature’ and the red team is pictured a sexy badass image. Brave Brothers and Jo Young Soo will work for either teams.

The agency of After School do not want fans thinking there is trouble between members in which they were forced to split. Continue reading


[Hot Shot] UEE Becomes Stylish For Winter Photo Shoot

Super Pretty!

After School member, UEE did a recent photo shoot for winter. She portrayed “Stylish And Chic” and pulled it off very gracefully. She tried out the wavy hair look and even cut her hair! UEE hasn’t been heard from as much as she usually is mainly because of her new Continue reading

[Hot Shot] UEE Still Has Belly Fat??

Not again.

After being made fun of about two months ago for having belly fat, After School’s UEE still has it. It’s okay, she’s still pretty. She was made fun of again last year and now the third time has come.

Again, the girls of After School put on their costumes for their hit song “Bang!” and UEE was the only one left with the word “HUH??” Continue reading

[Hot Shot] UEE Has Belly Fat?

Don’t we all?

Every celebrity is criticized. Whether if you’re dating someone or you’re dancing wrong or you’re buying something… or how hard you work out? First of all, celebrites are still humans even though they make more money and get more praise, they’re still human.

After School’s UEE is the next target of netizens. In a promotion of Bang, the girls were strutting their stuff until a photo was posted and everyone started thinking.. twice? Netizens have been harsh with UEE after finding out that she didn’t control her Continue reading

After School’s Sub Group Releases Teaser

After School’s sub group “Orange Caramel” has finally released an MV teaser for “Magic Girl”.

This ‘new’ sub-group of After School is more cute and bright, unlike the original “After School”.

This group consists of Raina, Lizzy, and Nana. They will reveal another side of After School that no one has seen before. This sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Continue reading