In Time With You

  • Title: 我可能不會愛你 / Wo Ke Neng Bu Hui Ai Ni
  • English title: In Time with You
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: FTV / GTV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-18 Continue reading

Top 12 Kissing Scenes From Asian Dramas

We’ve made lots of polls and our most famous (so far) was our recent poll that happened last year. Now here comes another one, to spice things up a little. If you know what I mean.

KoJa Productions introduces “Top 12 Kissing Scenes From Asian Dramas”. You might complain and say that you probably don’t watch Asian dramas, or you’ve never watched any of the drama we posted or there are other better Asian drama kisses. Well, there are pictures, so choose which one steams you up! Continue reading

Ariel Lin poses for Beauty


Ariel Lin posed for “Beauty” for their February’s edition, the love month. With February being the “Love Month”, Lin dished out some love things for fans to read.

Ariel thinks having feelings for each other is like watering plants. Saying “If you give too much water, it would die, so balance it so that your other half can feel comfortable with it”. Continue reading

[News/Random] We bring you… LATE NEWS pt2

Oh my gosh, I actually thought I would never do this again. I feel so smart and bright, doing this one more time. Since the last one seemed to be an hit? Okay on with the missed news.

DBSK releases Bolero MV


I actually adore this song, it’s very powerful and very artistic. I like the sound of this new song, even though the full song came out like months ago. Bolero is used for an upcoming movie that was based on the manga “Subaru”. Check out this MV. The song is freaking good too.

Credits: fl0rad0ra @ YT

New Boyband joins the KPop world


What the fuck  no one knew about them? Stupid famous Korean sites and english-Korean sites can’t even write about them. We actually knew about this group like 3 weeks ago. We wanted to write about them, but it had to be in the Late News category, so I just had to write it today for this guys.

Woong2ne are a new Korean boyband from Loen Entertainment. Their new single is titled “Only One”. It was released on November 30th of 2008. Their titled song “Nan Neo Hanamyeon Dwae/Only If I Have You” reached numer 19 on SBS Inkigayo Take 71’sTop 20s chart (January 6th – December 01, 2009). Take a listen to their debut song.

Credits: SagaUn @ YT

BoA and Kim Hyung Joong could be a match?


BoA was asked who her ideal type of guy is during the “Guerrilla Date segment from KBS Entertainment on the 3rd of January. BoA stated “A man who’s good on the inside rather than appearance. If he’s perfect on the inside then you’ll be charmed at first sight. If it’s a good person, marriage can always be a possibility”

Kim Hyung Joong was performing on MBC Sunday Sunday night he revealed “Sexy but also professional BoA is my ideal type. Someone who works very hard is very charming.”

Wow you like BoA, I’m sorry but you’re mine Kim! You belong to no one else. Yes I am a crazy fan girl. Just kidding.

Do you like Jaejoong BoA?


If you do, that’s what all those fangirls would be holding.

It was found that BoA has three cellphones. Selfish stars, why don’t you buy some for the homeless you rich bitch. The phones are for Korea, Japan, and US. She has even spend more time in the US  than in Korea.

The thing that is most surprising is she keeps contact with DBSK’s Jaejoong and Super Junior’s HeeChul the most. Sorry BoA, they’re taken… by me!

In her Korean phone has about 150 numbers, but since she hasn’t been in Korea for sooo long, they’re phones could be changed.

BoA stated “Singers don’t have much opportunity to meet other apprentice singers after their debut. I learned about TVXQ only after the band’s debut. I like it a lot. I’m the same age as a lot of the TVXQ and Super Junior members.”

BoA seems to be a big fan of DBSK. Why don’t you date someone already? You like Jaejoong so much. ooh la la. She was even happy seeing DBSK at the Kohaku. Why’re you so happy BoA? This will cause rumors and a big uproar to fans I bet. Continue reading

[News/Randomness] We Bring You… LATE NEWS!

I actually forced myself to do this. Not much news today, so I’m bringing old news that no one seemed to want to write, or did write but we were too lazy to write it.

Can Teriyaki Boyz make you work that?


Well for Teriyaki Boyz fans I found something interesting. Yes this news is LATE, since we don’t go on the laptop much.

It was said before that Teriyaki Boyz would get a major label to enter the US and they surely did. Teriyaki Boyz made a new music video featuring famous artists like Pharrell and Chris Brown. The music video released on December 24th. The tracklist of Teriyaki Boyz “Serious Japanese” album has been released. Check it out.

  1. “PLEASE COME INTRO!” (produced by Adrock)
  2. “Work That!” (featuring Pharrell & Chris Brown) (produced by The Neptunes)
  3. “After 5 (A.M.)” (featuring Mademoiselle Yulia) (produced by Towa Tei)
  4. “Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious)” (produced by The Neptunes)
  5. “Sweet Girl” (featuring Dondria) (produced by Jermaine Dupri)
  6. “TERIYAKING” (featuring Kanye West & Big Sean) (produced by Kanye West)
  7. “Serious Japanese” (produced by Mark Ronson)
  8. “Zock On!” (featuring Pharrell & Busta Rhymes) (produced by The Neptunes)
  9. “(CAN’T) “BAKE” THAT “FAPE”” (featuring TAKAGIKAN & Adrock)
  10. “Itsumo It’s More” (produced by SUPA DAVE WEST)
  11. “I Still Love H.E.R.” (featuring Kanye West) (produced by Kanye West)
  12. “GET THE HELL OUTRO” (produced by Adrock)
  13. “Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) Remix” (featuring Pharrell, Pusha-T & FAM-LAY) (produced by The Neptunes)

Check the video out. Before you watch it. I’m warning you, there’s too much ass.

More news and randomness?! Here we goo!

Ivy still wants another scandal


Trust me, I do not know who this woman is. I’ve never heard of her. But this news is like one day old, and I didn’t want to put it at all! I’m just tired of scandals and stuff. Well on with the news.

Ivy had a sex tape scandal some past few months, or years. Ivy was recently caught “hanging out” with song writer Kim Tae Sung. People are accusing them of dating, but is it true? I don’t know. Here are some pictures.




Wow that’s one cute thing. pfft.


Big Bang admires Kim Tae Hee?


The way they were kinda looking at her was kinda creepy. This is actually todays news, but it wasn’t sorta news. It was just a part two of their LG Cyon’s Ice Cream. It’s actually kinda funny. They talk about Kim Tae Hee’s beauty while they stare at her on a phone, and then she walks pass them licking ice cream and their chasing after her. But my TOP doesn’t look interested. Well here. CHECK THIS OUT!

Credits: elaisvip@YT

Continue reading

Jerry Yan is the #1 money king!


Due to F4’s high popularity in Taiwan and some parts of the world, Jerry Yan became the number one money king in 2008 Taiwan’s idol drama artist revenue list. He has NT58 million of talent fee in 2008.

He acted released drama “Hot Shot” and upcoming drama “Starlit” with a fee of approximately NT$500,000 to about NT$650,000 each episode.

Jerry Yan is acting an upcoming drama titled “Extravagant Challenge” with famous actress, Ariel Lin. This drama is a remake of the manga and drama, “Skip Beat”.

other winners..

No. 2 Rainie Yang revenue estimates (HK): 12,800,000 yuan
No. 3 Ariel Lin estimated revenue (HK): 11,780,000 yuan
No. 4 Wu Zun revenue estimates (HK): 11,640,000 yuan
No. 5 Jiro Wang estimated that revenue (HK): 8,380,000 yuan
No. 6 Mike He Jun Xiang revenue estimates (HK): 7,960,000 yuan
No. 7 Ming Dao revenue estimates (HK): 7,870,000 yuan
No. 8 Vic Zhou, Aaron Yan revenue estimates (HK): 6,980,000 yuan
No. 9 Joe Cheng revenue estimates (HK): 5,900,000 yuan
No. 10 Joe Chen Qiao En estimated revenue (HK): 4,780,000 yuan

Ariel Lin to act Skip Beat!


One of Taiwan’s favorite actress, Ariel Lin, is going to star in a new drama with Jerry Yan.

This new drama will be titled “華麗的挑戰 Extravagant Challenge”. Ariel Lin recently told the public that she wanted to act this new drama with Jerry Yan because he is very hard-working, and it seemed to have come true.

This new drama is an adaption from the Japanese manga and live action drama, Skip Beat. Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan will play the two leading roles. Ariel Lin will be Mogami Kyoko and Jerry Yan will play as Tsuruga Ren.

Directors wanted Joe Cheng to play one of the lead roles, but Jerry Yan took it. There will also be a press conference on November 17, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.

There hasn’t been sneak peeks of this new drama, but there is more to come. This new drama will air on 2009.