SNSD To Debut In Japan?

Um… Finally!

SNSD have been singing “Gee” for some while and it went all the way to Japan. It’s that good that Japanese people are obsessed with it. Even my friend that only listens to Japanese music knows about them. They’re quite famous. Finally they’re coming to a place where they might not have much antis. Continue reading

Erika Sawajiri Gets A Divorce!

Wait, what?!

The Fuji TV show, Mr Sunday, announced on a Sunday Night that Erika Sawajiri will be getting a divorce with her husband, Tsuyoshi Takashiro. They had married on the year of January 2009 since they started dating in 2007. There were various rumors about the divorce and it started on September 2009 when Sawajiri was dismissed by her former company, Stardust Promotion. It was said that around that time she had been telling people about a decision to split. Continue reading

Man Arrested For Threatening Ayumi Hamasaki

So many crazy people these days.

A man has been arrested on Friday by Shibuya polices after sending a threatening letter to pop star, Ayumi Hamasaki. The suspect is a 42-year-old man named Motoyoshi Fujii. He has been charged with attempted extortion and is reported to already have admitted to it. Continue reading

Tokyo Joshiryu Enters The J-Pop Scene

Avex has a new girl group… and they’re quite young.

This group has five members and ranges from ages 11-13. They’re called Tokyo Joshiryu or Tokyo Girl’s Style. This is also the first girl group Avex has debuted since SweetS in 2003.

All the members were unravling one by one since January 1st. Avex finally launched Continue reading

Do You want to be the next Avex Star?


AVEX is seeking 13-24 year old who is willing to sing and live in Japan.The best thing is that they don’t care about Race. If you wanna be big in Asia, I suggest you audition.


After the overwhelming success of avex Star Search 2008, avex group, one of the world’s largest independent entertainment companies, once again is searching for its next great star.  avex is seeking talented, U.S-based, male and female musical artists, dancers and models of all racial backgrounds, aged 13-24, interested in becoming a performer and recording artist in Asia. Continue reading

12-year-old becomes a star?


What the heck? She’s better than some 25 year olds out there. She must be good.

AVEX have chosen a 12-year-old girl for an audition that was held on Wednesday. The searches for the next star has been taking place since 2005.

This year, Sakura Kawagoe won the contest. She’s just attending her first year in middle school! 8,035 people participated in this contest, but Continue reading