[Throwback] Utada Hikaru Finds Her First Love

This is one of the few songs that are probably on the playlist of many people in Japan. If you do not know this song, I feel ashamed of you because this is the most selling single in Japan… EVER! If you do not know who Utada Hikaru is… She’s pretty much the Michael Jackson of Japan. She produces, writes and composes most of her music. She’s been going at her music for over 10 years. Utada is probably one of the most influential artist in all of Japan.. alongside with Ayumi Hamasaki. Continue reading

Ayumi Hamasaki To Release Film Of 3-D Concert In April

The queen of J-Pop is releasing another 3-D concert movie that will be titled “A3D II.” This film has been shot from her performances from her “Rock ‘n Roll Circus Tour FINAL ~7 DAYS Speical~” in October at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The show brought in more than ten thousand raging fans. Ayumi became one of the first Japanese artist to release a 3-D concert film. Her new movie will be on the big screen on April 9th, 2011.

Man Arrested For Threatening Ayumi Hamasaki

So many crazy people these days.

A man has been arrested on Friday by Shibuya polices after sending a threatening letter to pop star, Ayumi Hamasaki. The suspect is a 42-year-old man named Motoyoshi Fujii. He has been charged with attempted extortion and is reported to already have admitted to it. Continue reading

Police investigates Ayumi Hamasaki?


For what, you may ask.

Police are currently investigating famous JPop star Ayumi Hamasaki because of an event that happened last month. She made a surprise appearance in Shibuya for promotion of her new album and new book. It is said that her manager didn’t get the necessary permit for the event that was held. This case is now headint to the prosecutor’s office. Uh oh… Continue reading

Utada, Kumi, Ayumi, and DCT together!


Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi, Hamasaki Ayumi, and Dreams Come True are teaming up to make a new collaborative compilation titled “I Ai ~Zutto Zutto, Aishiteru~”. What a swee titled. aww.

The album will be chosen by you! There will be a survey by record label BMI that is asking women in their 20s to give a them a song that will prove eternal love.

There will be a total of 15 tracks. One track has been confirmed and that is Utada Hikaru’s “Eternally – Drama Mix”

I am too happy. Four of my favorite singeron one CD. This is too good.

Ayumi Hamasaki teams up with Akira Toriyama


One of my best singer, which is kinda crowned the “queen of J-Pop” will be teaming up with Akria Toriyama for her upcoming single “Rule/Sparkle”.

This collaboration is a going to be a result of Hamasaki’s “Rule”, which will be used in the upcoming release of the live-action movie “Dragonball”, which was Toriyama’s work. “Rule/Sparkle” will be on the shelves on February 25th, while Dragonball will come out March 13.

GO GO Ayumi. I can’t wait to watch DragonBall in theaters and then hear Ayumi’s voice. Awesomeness!