Evolution of Kpop (1995 – 2011) Part 2 Released!

I’m sorry I took so long just to upload the part 2. I was supposed to upload it last weekend, but I got really lazy and spent two weeks off. Haha. Anyway, the part two is now released. This one talks about tourism, money and the first Korean to reach the Billboard’s Hot 100 as well as more videos focusing in the years of 2002 to 2004. Hope you guys enjoyed the first part and will enjoy this part.

More parts will be coming soon, of course. Three more to go. Continue reading

[Hot Shot] BoA Kisses Derek Hough For New Hollywood Flick


Fanboys of BoA might be getting too mad about this, because as the picture above reveals that their is a kissing scene between BoA and her costar Derek Hough in the new flick slated to come out next year titled “COBU 3D.” The film set is revealed to be in Toronto, Canada, in which was filmed just yesterday. The film has been revealed to be about Continue reading

[MV] BoA Lives In Hurricane Venus

I am seriously not a big of auto-tune, which she uses quite a lot in this video.

Some people were disappointed on BoA’s new song titled “Game” and now her new song came out. It’s titled “Hurricane Venus” for her newly album “Hurricane Venus”. The video is quite creative.. not really. She dances, that’s what I like. Continue reading

SMTOWN LIVE ’10 Steps Out Of Asia

But it’s nowhere close to where I live.

The SM gang are coming to the US and as you can tell in the photo above that it’s in the Staples Center located in LA.

There are quite a lot of artists coming to the huge concert including BoA, U-Know (of DBSK), SNSD, SHINee, and even kind of new girl group f(x). A lot of people should be getting hyped and ready to buy these tickets because I know I won’t. I can’t buy a ticket to cause I’m broke and it’s not close enough to where I live. Continue reading

Christina Chung calls BoA “Successful”


After badmouthing BoA, Christina Chung calls BoA “successful”.

We all know how crazy fans can be for their artist. If another artist calls their favorite artist “A no-good-English-speaking girl”, fans will go crazy. And after sometime under the spotlight, Christina Chung apologized saying

To all BoA fans, my apologies. My statement was rude and hasty. She is a talented and successful artist that I do respect. Continue reading