A Taiwanese Absolute Boyfriend Starring Two Big Asian Stars

It has been revealed that there will be a Taiwanese remake of the hit manga/ Japanese drama “Absolute Boyfriend/ Zettai Kareshi.” I am super happy because I loved the manga and the Japanese drama. I cannot wait to see it.

It has been revealed that famous Taiwanese actor/singer, Wu Chun, will be playing Tenjo Night (Not official character name), while famous Korean actress/director, Goo Hye Sun, will be playing Izawa Riko (Not official character name). This meeting of two big stars have made this new drama broadcast in parts of Asia rather than just Taiwan.  Continue reading

Killer of Jang Ja Yeon caught!


After news broke out that Jang Ja Yeon commited suicide, people wanted to know why and how. People started speculating that she had died from depression, but after her manager revealed the truth, a new chapter was made.

Kim Sung Hoon, the owner of the company Jang Ja Yeon worked in, forced her to sleep with him and even abused her in many different types of ways. Continue reading

Kim Joon becomes a singer


Kim Joon has now decided that he will become a singer. He has plans to release a solo single. OMG! Really. Not saying that I truly care, but it would be great to hear him sing again.

There are plans that Kim Joon will release his new album at the end of June. Sources also say that T-Max will also be included in this special album.

He will begin the filming of his video on the 12th.

[MV]Boys Over Flower reveals last Special Edition


This one kinda sucked… they didn’t even show Geum Jan Di or Ga Eul. It’s all about the boys? come on.

It was kinda like the last special edition. There are some behind the scenes shit on it, so some KoJos might enjoy that. CHECK THIS OUT… I guess. Continue reading

F4 Comes Back 5 years later Part 1


Four of the sexiest guys in Korea are back!

The video for the special is finally released. I bet you guys were going crazy looking all over for it. I was too. Hehehe.

It was released on the 28th at 10PM on MNet. This is a continuation of the hit drama  Boys Before Flowers. Continue reading

Kim Joon To have a girlfriend!


Wait what? He has a girlfriend… What?!! Guess he doesn’t want to keep this a secret.

Don’t freak out fans… at least not yet. Remember the special edition for Boys Over Flowers I told you about? Well the lonely Kim Joon will finally have a girlfriend in the special. The drama will be in his own view. Continue reading