[MV] Narsha’s BBI-RI-BOP-A

I see that Narsha is trying to be different. And when I say different I don’t mean GaGa different I mean… different. The hair just reminds me of GaGa.

Narsha has released her mini-album and there’s a little treat that is being awaited and it’s called a MV. She is unique and is really using the “Dark concept” really well. Her song is titled Continue reading


[MV] Jo Kwon And Ga-In Fell In Love

The video is finally released for all to see!!

Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon have joined forces to make a new single titled “We Fell In Love”. This isn’t a music video that has flashing lights and has 900,000 dollar cars in the background. It’s sweet and lovable. Continue reading

[MV] New Girl Group Flying Girls are Hot!


The Girl Group generation keeps on going. We probably will forget about them in some month, so if they make a comeback, there’s a big chance that people will have this: ?

Ga Young, Ji Soo, and Gina are forming a new girl group called “Flying Girls”. They recently released their first mini-album titled “Girls Hot”. Also the MV for Flying Girls is also released. Yummy. Continue reading

[MV] Brown Eyed Girls says “Abracadabra”


The girls are finally back with a new song that I’m trying to get used to.

The song is very unique, and it actually sounds something different from other Korean music. Well it’s different a little. The second time you listen to it, you’ll surely be addicted. I surely am.

Since their last comeback with “How Come”, the girls are even much better than before. As you know for the stills before, it was said that Narsha and Ga In were going to kiss. Well, to tell you the truth, they… I think it’s better if you find out yourself. Continue reading

Brown Eyed Girls Members Get Intimate


I think boys are getting really happy.

Brown Eyed Girls released some stills of their new song titled “Abracadabra”. And fans are wondering what the still with Ga In and Narsha in a room about to kiss is about.

The filming of the music video started on the 11th. Don’t get too happy, because they might stop before they’re even one inch close. The Korean goverment is kinda strict these days. If they kissed, Continue reading

Brown Eyed Girls releases teasers + Single


How many teasers does it takes till you can tease your fans? Well it seems like Brown Eyed Girls can get all the way to five to get fans excited.

If you guys haven’t been catching up, because I’ve been planning to just squish the whole teasers together in one post, so teasers have been flying out since July 3rd. If you guys are fans, you should’ve known.

The girls will release their album on the 20th of July, which seems so far from today. Just like they did with their last album, they will release teasers with each member, which is kinda like a countdown, I guess. Check out their first teaser! It features Narsha and also one of their song titled “Oasis” Continue reading