GDragon Tears Up While Speaking About Daesung At Mini Concert

The members of Big Bang had shared their thoughts on the accident that happened to Daesung, in which Daesung was hurt badly that he couldn’t participate in many activities the boys were doing, during their mini concert.

During their concert titled “Big Bang’s Mini Concert,” Taeyang had stated that they are going through a rough time without Daesung. Continue reading

Lee Hyori Accused Of Plagiarism

Here we go again with another act of plagiarism. No one is certain of what is to come for this, but we’ll be able to find out when the time comes.

Lee Hyori has been caught red-handed of plagiarizing six songs from her new album, H-Logic. She plagiarized the songs “Bring It Back”, “Swing”, “How Did We Get”, “Memory”, “I’m Back” and “Feel The Same.” And I’m certain that these artists are not happy about this… Continue reading

[Hot Shot] Daesung’s Car accident


SeungRi and Daesung were supposed to perform together in a musical event called “SHOUTING”, but due to Daesung’s car accident, he couldn’t make it. SeungRi started the performance without Daesung and performed with a backup. They’re probably going to use the same backup for the rest of the shows.

But pictures of Daesung’s car accident has been released. And it’s true, the car was crushed. All members of Big Bang went to the hospital to visit their fellow member. Check out the photos. Continue reading

Daesung in car accident!


News has released that Big Bang’s Daesung was in a car accident while he was going back home from filming an episode of family outing. It is said that the vehicle that hit him bumped into another car and hit his car.

YG Entertainment believes that his arm was injured. His manager had a leg injury, while Daesung’s hairstylist was quickly rushed to the hospital for sever bleeding. The car was squashed when it crashed.

To reveal some truth now. It seems like the results are worse. Continue reading

[MV] Big Bang thinks of ‘My Heaven’


First of all, who the hell is the girl?

Big Bang recently released the full MV for their new Japanese single titled “My Heaven”, which I enjoy in Japanese, instead of the Korean version. Don’t worry VIPs you didn’t miss much, it’s just a remake of their song “Heaven”, just in Japanese. Continue reading

SeungRi and Daesung have Packs?


Due to slow new days, I was bored… so I decided to post a picture with Big Bang’s SeungRi and Daesung without their shirts off.

Girls, don’t start screaming. It’s said that SeungRi mostly focuses on his upper body, meaning his chest, shoulders, arms… etc. His trainers don’t allow him to eat much food. This doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to eat a whole steak, so don’t think they’re starving him.

Check out the photos. Before you do so Continue reading