BoA releases “BoA”


Okay, I was gonna report this yesterday, since I’ve already listned to the whole album before the world could, but I didn’t want to report it too early, so I posted it when it came out.

BoA’s new album is finally out! The moment… some of us have been waiting for. I have not much news on this, because everything detail of her album have pretty much been released. Check out the tracklist! Continue reading

BoA teases us with a preview?



I stopped listening to Gee just because I wanted to see these preview. I should have kept listening to Gee.

As I told you, BoA will release a music video for “I Did It For Love”, and like I said so, she did.

After the song released through the internet very quickly, no one could stop it, cause someone would pretty much upload it again. Continue reading

BoA’s US Album cover released?


That is NOT the US Album cover.

While I started getting bored of “I Did It For Love” and “Eat You Up”, BoA tries, once again, to keep us in update.

BoA’s official cover of her US album has been released, and I have to say… it’s kinda plain… except for that big ass ring that was placed on her hand. Well here’s the amazing cover… should have made it more colorful. Continue reading

BoA slowly reaches to the top


Wow, BoA might be taken this US debut thing very far, or maybe Soo Man just has enough money to bribe people to do this… hmm… suspicious now.

BoA was able to make it on z100, and why is that important? It is said that z100 is one of the biggest radio station in all of America. It even has towers in the Empire state building in New York City.

BoA is getting some attention here if Soo Man did do anything to interfere with this. BoA’s full album will come out on March 17, let’s see if what she’s been doing payed off.

Check her out on 

I wonder if people actually searched for her on the website… that aren’t her fans or antis.

BoA tops Beyonce + Tracklist


Not that much people thought BoA would make it this far, heck I thought everyone forgot about her now.

BoA is now spotted in the top 10 in the “Hot Dance Club Play” chart by Billboard Magazine. She is now Number 8 right before Beyonce’s hit song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”. Though, Beyonce’s hit song “If I were A Boy” is number 2 on the billboards. Not sure if that does anything.

BoA has been going crazy with this US thing now. Here is the tracklist to her new US Album: Continue reading

BoA is still focusing on Japan


I’m still waiting for a new Korean single BoA. Where is it?

BoA is currently promoting her American debut song “Eat You Up” but it seemed she hasn’t taken her eyes off her Japanese fans.

It seems that rumors are said that BoA will release a new Japanese single titled “Forever” or “Eien”.

There also rumors that she will release two new singles album, which are: Believe In Love ft. Maki Goto and an unknown song with Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso)

BoA is filming the music video for this new song? It’s just a rumor for now.

Take a listen! Continue reading