[UPDATED] Evolution of Kpop (1995 – 2011) Part 3 Focuses on the Negative Parts of the Hallyu Wave

After re-uploading part 2 of this project, I felt bad to all the people that I told to check part two out TWICE. In order to show appreciation and apologize for all the glitches and problems, I decided to upload part three even quicker. I would’ve uploaded this Friday, but I thought, I might as well now. Smiley faces?

Anyway, part three will not be thoroughly fun for hardcore kpop fans who can’t take negative criticisms nicely. Continue reading

Epik High’s Tablo Is Uneducated Because He Raps?

There have been some issues concerning my sexy future husband that is married to his wife, Kang Hye Jung. This issue is controversy and shall I say stereotypical.

There were some news that was released about two months ago stating that Tablo had faked his academic background. It was said that Tablo had lied about being a Stanford graduate. Some people thought that this conspiracy issue would slowly slip away, especially Tablo. But it didn’t, instead Tablo sued the person that started this false rumors. Tablo stated to Continue reading

Epik High, 2AM, And MORE To Stream Live From YouTube!

Oh… yeah!

YouTube will be holding a concert in Gwangjangdon, Seoul on March 20th. Huge Korean stars such as Epik High, 2AM, Clazziquai Project and more will be starring in this concert! Fans on the internet and in Seoul will definitely enjoy this! Fans around the world will also enjoy this awesome concert. Continue reading

Epik High’s New “Epilogue”

Composing music is really hard, trust me I’ve made lots of music… sadly, not as good as these boys!

One of the best hip-hop group is finally coming back to the K-Po–… K-Hip Hop scene. Epik High’s new album “Epilogue” is currently getting created to be awesome and splendid! A video has even been released to prove it. Before we get to the video here’s more news. Continue reading