[Poll] Hottest Korean Guy Under 20!

We had made a poll last year that featured some of the hottest Korean girls under 20, now it’s the boys turn. We all love our Korean men… and their abs. There are many girls that go crazy for their “man” that we would threaten many others that get too close to them. We even shut down websites because of the harsh words we say. But that’s us fangirls. We present you the hottest Korean guys under 20!! Continue reading

[MV] F. Cuz Finally Releases Their Jiggy-Ness

They teased us and teased us. But they’re finally here. Sheesh! The song is titled “Jiggy”.

The song is pretty catchy but the video is kinda like any other boy group video. They dance and sing with multiple backgrounds.

Credits: TYPICALpocky7 @ YT

By the way, this is just the first part of the video. This is a version A that shows them as the cute and energetic. The version B will be released sometime later in January and is supposed to show the manly and dark side of this hot new group! They will perform their new song on Inkigayo and Music Bank in two days.

F.cuz Gets “Jiggy” With It A Second Time

One of the most highly anticipated boy group to debut wants more love with their second teaser. Their debut track “Jiggy”, doesn’t really do as much as the other one did. F. Cuz debut will be on January 8th. Fan Girls… unite!

Credits: TYPICALpocky7 @ YT

Now for another one. This time you can hear their voice… a little. Check it out!

Credits: FCuzed @ YT

F.Cuz Gets Jiggy With Their New Teaser

F. Cuz is one of the most anticipated group to debut in 2010 by Naver. Ready to see what all this ruckus is about?

F. Cuz have released their MV Teaser for their first single titled “Jiggy”… with it. It will release on January 8th, so girls start screaming!!

Though, there’s nothing really special about the MV Teaser, you gotta say the boys are pretty Continue reading