[UPDATED] Evolution of Kpop (1995 – 2011) Part 3 Focuses on the Negative Parts of the Hallyu Wave

After re-uploading part 2 of this project, I felt bad to all the people that I told to check part two out TWICE. In order to show appreciation and apologize for all the glitches and problems, I decided to upload part three even quicker. I would’ve uploaded this Friday, but I thought, I might as well now. Smiley faces?

Anyway, part three will not be thoroughly fun for hardcore kpop fans who can’t take negative criticisms nicely. Continue reading

[MV] FT Island Hopes…


That their comeback will be spectacular.

The song is a song that can catch your attention, because the beginning is very beautiful, to me at least.

To even get more screams for this comeback, their will be a ticket in one the albums titled “Dream Ticket”. Why is this ticket so important? It has their signatures on it and if you’re a big fan, you’ll have a chance to spend a day with the boys. Meaning… follow them in their promotions, read fan letters together, eat together, if you’re lucky… sleep together. Continue reading

FT Island Crosses & Changes


The boys are back!! Yesh! Yesh YESH!

FT Island will make a comeback with their 3rd album. The album is titled “Cross & Change”. Yet again, we’ve got a full album instead of a mini-album. I guess Mini-albums are now the old thing and full albums are coming back.

The 12 tracks will contain ballads to songs that will get you up on your feet. They’ve been working on their vocals for this album and have also got a different style. FT Island will go back Continue reading

WonBin to go Solo?


On March 2nd for student Admission and Orientation ceremony at Gyeonggi University, WonBin of FT-Island (Ex) said he wanted to keep moving with his singing career.

He said he will practice very hard for this choice he has made and come back a solo singer.

I am pretty happy. Wasn’t much news, but I pretty sure I’m happy.

Who’s the prettiest guys in Korea?


Does he look pretty to you? Well he’s number one on the list.

There was a ranking for “Pretty Guy” on MBC’s Section TV on February 06. Kim Hyun Joong ranked number one, followed by Jo InSung and Lee Min Ho. The list was up to 20.

Check the list out!! Continue reading