G-Dragon Seen In Motorola Ad Without Him Knowing?

This is actually quite hilarious but it’s interesting. I didn’t find this type of news important but I had to let some VIP’s laugh a little bit.

Okay, well if some of you have seen the new Motorola commercial on TV (I sure as hell haven’t seen it) but apparently GDragon was in it… and this is the catch… he didn’t know! No one knew except for crazy stalking fans that can see GDragon anywhere they can. This ad is for the Motorla Xoom, which is a pretty cool gadget if you’ve seen the ad.  Continue reading


[Album Review] GD & TOP Has Me High With “High High”

Yes! This is what I have been waiting for and finally it is here. And now that it is here, I bring it to you.

GD (GDragon) and TOP are in the five member group called Big Bang, which is one of the most famous group in Korea today. The two boys came together under YG Entertainment and created a new album titled “High High.” The members of Big Bang are currently dominating the music scene in Korea and sooner or later, the world. GDragon and TOP have brought us something special today that’ll make us… High.

Before I go on, check out the tracklist: Continue reading

[Hot Shot] GD & T.O.P. Make Us High On Hotness

These boys are the sexiest men alive. My gawsh.

Anyways, The boys will finally drop their album on December 24th and many fans are very anticipated. After getting a taste from two tracks, High High & Oh Yeah, many fans are waiting for more. While fans are waiting, the boys revealed some concept photos and they are freaking sexy. Continue reading

Is GDragon Taken?

My heart just sank.

There have been reports that G Dragon is now dating someone. It has been revealed that it is ViVi model Mizuhara Kiko. Sansop.com stated that when G Dragon debuted in Japan with Big Bang, he was dating Kiko and is now in long distance relationship with her. But that’s not what YG Entertainment says. Continue reading

Big Bang Deserves More Than Being Called An Idol?

I actually think they shouldn’t be called an idol.

Now, this is a confusing topic, I must say, so some, bare with me. A music critic named Yim Jin Mo stated that the boys shouldn’t be called “Idol stars”. About this part… you’re like what?? Continue reading

[MV] G-Dragon, She’s Gone

G-Dragon is like the Kanye West of South Korea. Every little thing he does seems to be a controversy… me likey.

G-Dragon’s song “She’s Gone” was played in his first solo concert with the video. Finally, without all the fangirls screaming, we have a clear picture on his new music video. It’s quite… Edgar Allan Poe-ish… very dark (You can tell from the still) Continue reading

G-Dragon Will Shine A Light In The Theaters

I thought Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” would be the only concert I would see in theaters. You all might be wondering what the picture stands for… well GDragon will be shining a light in the movie theaters.

GDragon’s first solo concert “Shine A Light” will be adapted to the screen. It will be in full HD. Ah, nothing better than good ‘ol HD. Continue reading