[Take A Peek] SNSD’s Tiffany Can’t Perform Gee In Korean?

Some anti fans may be laughing off their chairs if they see this. Now, I am not an anti fan but I laughed. It’s good to laugh at things… lifts the atmosphere.

On October 13th, the girls were invited to perform their hit song “Gee” at KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Festival and they sure did. This festival was held in Yeouido Park in Seoul. The girls performed their three hit songs: Run Devil Run, Oh! and Gee.

While the girls were performing Gee, Tiffany never thought about which location she was in. Continue reading


Dirty Backward Messages In Korean Music!

Well then… this is very very crazy!! I believe in my dearly beloved God and if I have to listen to disgusting lyrics… then I don’t think I would love to listen to “Gee”.

There is a video on YouTube that is slowly becoming popular and is making some people aware of what songs are saying, backwards. He uses the term “Backwards Masking” which means messages that are said if you play something backwards. The video is titled “The truth Of the media” and it is quite shocking. For those who don’t care about religion and God, you may not care about this article. Continue reading

SNSD To Debut In Japan?

Um… Finally!

SNSD have been singing “Gee” for some while and it went all the way to Japan. It’s that good that Japanese people are obsessed with it. Even my friend that only listens to Japanese music knows about them. They’re quite famous. Finally they’re coming to a place where they might not have much antis. Continue reading

SNSD to come back?


This girls are really quick. They’re already making a comeback. WOW! I feel lucky, considering I’m a big fan.

After the “Gee” craze passed by us for some while, SNSD are going to be bringing back a new craze, maybe.

Sources say SNSD will make a comeback album sometime this year. There isn’t a specific time of month or day.

Wait… what if it’s on September 9, 2009? Or 09/09/09 LOL. That would be cool.

Super Junior Have A ‘Ms. Jul Chin Pageant’


Hope Super Junior doesn’t feel Sorry Sorry for dressing up like females.

Some of SuJu’s member dressed up like female for an episode of SBS Intimate Note. Kangin, Sungmin, HeeChul, and EunHyuk all participated to give this little activity to us. They had a Ms. Jul Chin Pageant. Due to this pageant they had to dress up like… Girls. Continue reading