[Hot Shot] Jay Park Is A Hottie For Allure

YES! He’s a fine boy and he’s very fine!

Jay Park turned himself into a boxer for a photoshoot for the magazine, Allure.

The boy his fit and he is hotter than ever! The theme was called “Challenge To Become A Champion.” The spread will be featured  in the November issue. While you wait check out this hot photo from the photoshoot!

Clara C To Release Debut Album

Some might not know who Clara C is… try Clara Chung… no? Well, Clara C isn’t super famous just yet, cause she’s about to debut, but she’s a super talented singer. She showed how talented she could be after she started posting videos up on YouTube. She slowly became a YouTube sensation and now, she has her own album! I guess Justin Bieber isn’t the only one scouted by YouTube and singing live. Continue reading

[Hot Shot] Jaebeom At The Incheon Airport

My gosh, this boy might be posting up YouTube videos and seem like an original man, but he is not… at all.

We had reported that Jaebeom will be arriving in South Korea to film his new movie “Hype Nation”. Finally, he has arrived and as you can tell, there are a whole bunch of people there to see him. Fans waited just to see this hunk. It has been nine months since Jay had stepped foot on Korea’s soil. Continue reading

Jaebeom Will Come To Korea?

And this is not a false statement. Korean fans… rejoice!

The hot Korean celebrity will be coming back to Korea on June 18th to film his new movie “Hype Nation”. He will go to the Seattle airports and fly back to his homeland.

The filming of Hype Nation will start on the 21st. So what does this mean? This means that Hype Nation will be released in just a few months. Oh… yeah.