Dream Concert 09 is coming!


The 2009 Dream Concert will be held at SangAm stadium on October 10.

This will make the 15th year of this spectacular event. The title of 2009’s dream concert will be called “Loving Korea 2009 Dream Concert”. This event is not only calling teens, it is calling adults too and young children too. A whole family to enjoy the sacred day. Continue reading

SooYoung Turns into a thug


NO! This can’t be. SooYoung turns into a thug. No… not the loveable SooYoung. NOT HER! Is it true?

No. It’s not true. She’s not a thug. SooYoung of SNSD was spotted in a SamSung AnyCall commercial with Jewelry’s Park Jung Ah. It seems that fans are digging the buried past back to present because she doesn’t look that fine. Continue reading

Seo In Young is coming back too!


After my happy cheer on Epik High coming back, another Korean star comes back to the spotlight. I feel special.

Seo In Young is currently in America having a nice vacation and is planning to return to Korea in… what?! March! Why the hell is everyone coming back in March? Everything releases in March. Choose Now! Instead of March. Continue reading

[Note This] 2008 Gayo Daejun Performances


People are getting hyped up about the Gayo Daejun. Well, get ready to get more excited because the performances are confirmed and we’re here to share it with ya!

Continue reading

Winners of 2008’s MKMF!


2008’s version of MKMF brought many surprises from TOP kissing Lee Hyori and the performances that were brought.

Check out the winners!

Female newcomer award – Davichi
Male newcomer award – SHINee

Best Ballad and R&B – Brown Eyes Continue reading

Get Ready For MBC New Generation Star Trot Battle!

Remember  MBC Trot Battle? We told you about it! Well it’s now out for all who wanted to see. It was showed as a Chuseok Festival “Special Program”. A few artists that blew performed were SS501, SG Wannabe, Boom, Jewelry, Wonder Girls, Park Hyun Bin and Big Bang. Wonder Girl’s performed with the song Cha Lang Cha Lang… No comment… KoJa Productions wasn’t able to find all perfomances, but we’ll in you on the details when the videos come out! Check out the videos… It’s gonna blow you away!

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