[MV] Wonder Girls’ Reveal 2 Different Tears

As you  can see in the picture above, the girls performed at Wango Tango hosted by Kiis FM on May 15th. Go girls! You may also view more pictures at KIIS FM website.

Also, the girls had a successful album lunch in the Conga room located in Los Angeles.

The MV for their first new song in America is now released. But before we all watch the video I have to say Continue reading

Jaebeom Isn’t Coming Back To Korea…

Sadly this rumor that brought hope to fan girls is now done. JYP has made a statement on the situation on Jaebeom making a video in America. It was said that he had made a new song and filmed the MV in the America, and this might be his comeback to Korea as a solo artist, but this now proving to just be a rumor. Continue reading

2PM to have comeback


I actually realized that it was a time for comeback. I’ve been listening to “Again And Again” for somewhile, it felt like they made their comeback last week.

The boys are currently recording new songs for their new album. 2PM will have their comeback in min-October, which, to me, is very long.

To make us happy Continue reading

JYP Says “Not True”


Well, a little bitch is founded out.

We should now all know the stupid rumor going around with 2PM Junsu and Thai singer Waii. If not, it was rumored that 2PM Junsu and Waii were secretly going out. Then she broke up with him, then she kinda dissed him on her facebook.

After what people wanted to prove all this time, JYP gave a simple “Not True”. Who’s saying the truth?

It was easy to tell she was lying.

America will soon want nobody but Wonder Girls


Soon, the whole world will scream “Wonder Girls! Wonder Girls”, but I’m not too much. After hearing the full song.

The song is pretty much the same except it’s in English. I’m not used to this one even though I’ve listened to it for about 5 times. The full song of “Nobody” is OUT!

Credits: jensenvu @ YT Continue reading