KARA Returns This September?

There are rumors surfacing the internet that girl group, KARA will return to Korea with a new song this September. While they’re up in Japan promoting “Go Go Summer,” they’re currently working on their third album when they can find any moment to record. This will be their comeback after ten months of their last Korean single “Jumping.” It will also be their comeback after a recent lawsuit Continue reading

[MV] KARA Sings Mister In Japanese

KARA’s voice kind of goes with the Japanese music today and unlike 4Minute’s Japanese version of “I My Me Mine”, I can understand that they’re speaking Japanese.

The girls revealed the Japanese song for their “booty shakin’ ” MV of Mister. The girls are quite sexy, unlike their cute side. The girls brought this hot dance in 2009 and now it will officially Continue reading

Kim Hyun Joong To Act New Drama & Variety Show!

And I’m excited on the drama he’ll be acting!

Kim Hyun Joong has now headed over to Keyeast and will be starting off his career with a new drama and a variety show in Japan. Awesomeness.

Now, before I go on and name the drama, let’s all start getting happy, cause I am. It is said that Kim will be playing the leading man aka Naoki, aka Zhi Shu… are we getting somewhere? Nope? Well he will be acting the Continue reading

Lee Jung Hyun Gets Set For ComeBack

Some people might not remember but I do. I kinda went “crazy” for her.

We knew her by AVA, now Lee Jung Hyun will come back. She had promoted her song “Vogue It Girl” last summer and is now getting set for a comeback this month! It’s been half a year and she’s coming back with a 7th album. She appeared on Asia Uncut to promote her upcoming comeback and was even compared to Lady GaGa. Awkwardness… Continue reading

KARA Releases “Lupin” And Hit The #1 Spot!

We might all be getting tired of the pop/dance tracks that are releasing all over Korea, I know I want something new, but it seems like Korea isn’t!

The whole tracks for KARA’s third mini album has finally been released! Some might say they love it, some might dislike it, but you can’t lie that this shiznit is catchy! Continue reading