[MV]Lee Jun Ki Releases “Soliloquize”


The pretty hunky boy, Lee Jun Ki released a new MV for “Soliloquize”.

The song is totally different from “JStyle”. It’s pretty unique and very soft. Sadly, no sexy dances so we’re forced to just stare and listen to him. Check out the video.

Credits: TwirlyBox @ YT


[MV]Lee Jun Ki Unleashes… JSTYLE!


Okay, I have to admit it. I screamed when I saw the video. It got pretty hot while I watched it. He was totally sexy. You really have to watch this video.

He didn’t sound oh-so perfect but hey, I wasn’t listening to the words… just staring at him. Hehe. The song is ultimately catchy.

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New Lee Jun Ki photos shocking Korea?


leejunkimv_kjp1And they are SEX-EH! The picture above was leaked, but new photos are now leaked.

Lee Jun Ki’s new look is shocking everyone in Korea. But to me, it’s effing hot! The photos from his new album cover were recently leaked on the 11th. It seems to be a demon and angel kind of style. Check this weird but HOT photos out! Continue reading