Who saw it?


Who saw SE7EN’s “Girls” video on BET’s 106 & Park? I sure as hell did!

I actually forgot about the whole thing. I kinda,okay I forgot about it, until I got on my laptop and saw that SE7EN’s video would be on. I quickly turned on the TV and thought they already did it. Mostly cause they were on Countdown 6. I put the speakers on my TV all the way, cause I had to write news somewhere else.  I thought they already played it cause I heard the song, but it was a closing song for advert.

Then, I heard Rocsi say Continue reading


SE7EN gets spotted on BET


SE7EN will appear on one of my fave music tv station. Well it’s not one of my fave, but I watch it sometimes.

SE7EN will appear on BET’s 106 & Park. His American debut song “Girls” ft Lil’ Kim will premiere in the show. When it’s done playing on BET, it’ll start Continue reading

SE7EN Them Girls Released!!


Okay, this morning I didn’t go on the comp, but yesterday I went crazy with this song. I played it over and over. It was so freaking good. I couldn’t wait!! Now, it’s finally here.

The music video of SE7EN’s new song “Them Girls” (HOT!!) has finally been revealed. It was kinda awkward with the sex, club, and girls… even though the song is about girls. Continue reading