SMTOWN LIVE ’10 Steps Out Of Asia

But it’s nowhere close to where I live.

The SM gang are coming to the US and as you can tell in the photo above that it’s in the Staples Center located in LA.

There are quite a lot of artists coming to the huge concert including BoA, U-Know (of DBSK), SNSD, SHINee, and even kind of new girl group f(x). A lot of people should be getting hyped and ready to buy these tickets because I know I won’t. I can’t buy a ticket to cause I’m broke and it’s not close enough to where I live. Continue reading

Max isn’t loved?


On November 24th, 2008, Max/Changmin was attacked by an Anti-Fan while he was at the Kimpo Airport. It seemed that he attracted an headache after the anti-fan hit his head.

The video coming up shows what happened after this hit that is causing an outrage through the internet. Some sources say he was hit in the head by two Chinese anti-fans. But no sources has proved it yet.

There are also other sources that say an anti-fan wanted to take a picture with Jaejoong/Hero at first so she ended up following him to the men’s restroom. Unfortunately, Max was there with Jaejoong, and this anti-fan was became really mad. She decided to hit Max for showing up. After this incident she became a huge anti-fan of DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki.

Check the video out…


Are 2008 DBSK hot?

I really didn’t think of this… but some fans have been comparing DBSK from 2004 to now.

Most of their fans said that they look better now than before. But there were some opinions that said Micky looked better before instead of now! Tons of people are saying it’s because of his haircut. Some fans have fought over this but it’s practically called 2004 DBSK vs. 2008 DBSK.

Here you can view the picture to tell.

2004 Hero Vs. 2008 Hero

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