[UPDATED] Evolution of Kpop (1995 – 2011) Part 3 Focuses on the Negative Parts of the Hallyu Wave

After re-uploading part 2 of this project, I felt bad to all the people that I told to check part two out TWICE. In order to show appreciation and apologize for all the glitches and problems, I decided to upload part three even quicker. I would’ve uploaded this Friday, but I thought, I might as well now. Smiley faces?

Anyway, part three will not be thoroughly fun for hardcore kpop fans who can’t take negative criticisms nicely. Continue reading


T.O.P’s “Turn It Up” Expected MC Mong’s Controversy?


The world is full of creep things and this is one of it. I do not believe in psychics nor do I believe in coincidences like this one. The world is full of plans and this might have been one.

In T.O.P’s song “Turn It Up”, it seemed that there might have been a message being sent out and it was to MC Mong.

I did not write about MC Mong’s controversy, but I do know a little snippet about it. MC Mong is being accused for distributing execution of Government laws and hasn’t fulfilled his military service, to summarize it all up.

In June, T.O.P revealed his self-written song in January of 2010, and later on revealed the video in June. There is a part in the video that surprised everyone and might have something to do with MC Mong’s Controversy. Continue reading

Meet ‘Project Girl Group’


Something to cheer some fans that are down today. If you wanna laugh and think about boys singing SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” then you’ve gotta check this out.

SBS Inkigayo announced that they’re having a Project Girl Group with SHINee’s Taemin and Key, and 2PM’s Taecyeon and WooYoung, and the last member was a secret. It is now revealed! MC Mong is the last cherry in the Cherry Ice Cream. They sure made a perfect girl group. Check out the video! Continue reading

[MV] MC Mong is not a great Native American


He’s Korean, I think he should stay that way.

As you all know, MC Mong is back with a new album titled “Humanimal” and it’s actually quite awkward. Maybe because I’m not a fan of MC Mong, but this song doesn’t reach out to me.

To my surprise, his company is sending more CDs to the stores because there’s been a big demand of presales. So he might be doing good. Anyways, check out the video.

Credits: TwirlyBox @ YT

MC Mong becomes Native American


I get a little freaked out when Korean stars change their concept for their comeback.

MC Mong is finally starting to tease us, I guess, with a new teaser video titled “Indian Boy” before he releases his “Humanimal” album.

MC Mong will be promoting it from the 23rd-26th, starting on M! Countdown.

Some people might find this offending, because he’s using Indian instead of “Native American”, but check out the teaser. Continue reading

MC Mong becomes a Humanimal


Wow, I’ve never heard that phrase before.

MC Mong is set to release his full length 5th album titled “Humanimal”.

It is said by his company that he made the lyrics, composed it, and produced it. He even chose the concept of his image and the album.

Some artist that are going to be included in his album are Navi, Jo Sung Mo, MAC, Jung In, and SG Wannabe.

Look for him on July 23rd with the single “Indian Boy”. Continue reading

DBSK seems to be taking the number 1 spot


For the upcoming MNet KM Music Video Festival, DBSK are at number 1, beating Epik High, Hyori, Super Junior-H, SS501, Girls’ Generation, SG Wannabe, Wonder Girls, MC Mong, and their competition: Big Bang.

This festival will air on November 15, 2008. Keep tuning in for more results