DBSK speaks about fight with SM Entertainment


We all know about the things going around between DBSK and SM Entertainment. If not, you’re really slow.

The lawyer of the three boys that are suing SM: Jae Joong, Junsu, and YooChun, stated “Ever since the boys have been with SM Entertainment for five years, the company have done whatever they wanted with them, which, of course, made them tired. The members have a 13 year contract, which is too long. They don’t get what they ask for or what they deserve. The members didn’t bring the thought of disbanding, but feel that the contract is too much for them. What ever is going on right now is something different for the members, however, their relationship is stil strong and they still want to be a group as one.” Continue reading

[Watch This] DBSK performs at Gayo Daejun


^ Well well well, don’t you think this is an exciting thing to watch? huh.

DBSK performed Wrong Number and hit song Mirotic on Gayou Daejun. They got fan girls screaming, but not me… well I’m not a fangirl. I just write news about them. I don’t even like them that much to think about it.

They disobeyed the Korean government singing Mirotic. Since Mirotic was called a “Sex Song” the Korean government banned it. SM released a clean version which just said “Under My Sky” instead of “Under My Skin”. But it looks like DBSK are naughty. They sang “Under My Skin” instead. WATCH THIS!

It was kinda weird when they took off their shirts. REALLY WEIRD.

Credits: CodeAnalysis@YT

SM Entertainment Throws In The Towel


After “Father SM” wanted to go against the Korean Ministry, he decided to give up and throw in the towel.

Because the Korean Ministry wanted to remove “Mirotic” because of it’s ‘sexual’ content, SM Entertainment wanted to fight them, but he gave it some thought and decided that there was no point of doing this and wouldn’t mind to keep DBSK’s “Under My Sky” version.

Is it me, or is it because he just didn’t want to waste any money?

DBSK doesn’t want you under their skin


Due to the effect of the Korean Ministry of Health, DBSK was forced to release a “Clean” Mirotic, instead of their dirty version.

SM and the Korean Ministry of Health have been arguing over this for some while now.

There hasn’t been much change to this “Clean” version, just some parts.

Check it out!

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SM Entertainment Vs. Korean Ministry


After DBSK’s “Mirotic” was banned for kids under the age of 19 about a week ago because of it’s inappropriate lyrics, SM Entertainment made an agreement to the Korean government that they will release a “clean” Mirotic.

But it seems SM Entertainment has had enough! SM are filing a claim to the District Court to cancel this suspension of sales and allow kids under the age of 19 to buy it.

SM stated: Although we agreed to release a cleaned up version of Mirotic, we don’t agree that it was inappropriate. We believe the Korean Ministry’s ruling was unfair, and decided to fight it in court. They’re misinterpriting the lyrics, finding sexual and erotic meaning where there is none.

DBSK can’t sing Mirotic anymore?


Ok, well they can sing it, just not in front of others. But you can’t sing it… just not in Korea.

DBSK’s hit song “Mirotic” is now banned in Korea. It was marked inappropriate because of the explicit content that was giving. SM Entertainment are trying to find a way to bring it back.

Mirotic, right now, is still inappropriate if this rule isn’t followed people will be fined.

Hey the lyrics aren’t that bad… (Not the full lyrics, just taken out)

You want me; you’re falling for me,
You’re going crazy for me, you can’t escape,
I got you, under my skin…

In your dreams i order you under my magic spell
You want to do it again, I got you~Under my skin

My devil’s ride, since there is no other to hide,
Why not try to enjoy it?
I got you, under my skin..

Check out the full English translation…

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