MNet Protects Hyori From Plagiarism Accuastions

There were recent arguments on Hyori’s new album “H-Logic”. It was said that she plagiarized practically half of her album. But now, MNet is here to save Hyori and the rest of her album.

People were loving Hyori’s new album. And after pushing her album back for months, she finally came back. So, it would be very heartbreaking to find out that most of her songs were plagiarized. The thing that was most weird was that all the songs that were plagiarized seemed to link to the composer: Continue reading

Korea welcomes the “Hello! Project”


MNet will collide with Upfront Entertainment to make Hello! Project to form a multi-ethnic group of girls. They are looking for that special Korean girl that is fluent in both Korean and Japanese.

This lucky girl will train for sometime in Japan. You or she won’t debut with a Japanese girl-group, instead, if you’re worth the money and a big eyeful to others, you or that special girl will debut solo. Continue reading

Lee Hyori to hold first solo concert in December

Korea’s diva is back and ready to go! Lee Hyori has never held a solo concert in more than a decade, but now she’s planning to. Her concert is going to be held at the Seoul Olympic Jamsil Stadium on December 2oth.

MNet confirmed the news and added that she’ll do her best to make the concert fabulous! Go! Hyori!

SHINee receives first music show award

This five young stars made their way to fame now they earned something out of it.

SHINee received their first music show award on MNet’s countdown while hitting #1on their daily rankings, beating FT Island on the ground. Some fans are shocked that with their hit song “Noona is so pretty” and releasing a new full album they’ve already hit #1!

Of course the group cried in tears for this award. Congratulations!

080918 SHINee Mnet M!Countdown LQ {warning grab tissues!}

Credits: lilbuddhagal@YT

Also SHINee and FT Island performed… check it out!

[LIVE HQ 18.09.08]Shinee (샤이니) feat FT Island (에프티 아일랜드) – 너 아니면 안되는 걸 (ROMANTIC) & 멋쟁이 Vs 예쁜이 (The Cool Vs The pretty)

Credits: jaeurazn1@YT