Ouran High School Host Club (Movie)

  • Movie: Ouran High School Host Club
  • Romaji: Gekijoban Oran Koko Hosutobu
  • Japanese: 桜蘭高校ホスト部
  • Director:
  • Writer: Bisco Hatori (manga)
  • Release Date: March 17, 2012
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan Continue reading

[Hot Shot]Taecyeon Releases Emotions

Oh, my poor baby! He’ll make me cry.

Things have been going quite rough for the 2PM boys and finally, Taecyeon reveals his tears towards the public. 2PM had held a Guerilla concert titled X-Concert in the street of Hongdae, Seoul earlier today. People were surprised that the boys could still perform even with Junsu on crutches and the injured voice of WooYoung.

As the concert went on, all of a sudden fans were watching Taecyeon Continue reading

2PM Going Their Seperate Ways For A While

The promotions for 2PM’s “Heartbeat” has come to an end and they say that they want to take a break so that each of them can do their solo activities for a while. JYP Entertainment mentioned that 2PM’S last activities for now would be in Inkigayo, which it was. A rep stated that the members are going to take time to rest and work on their solo activities. Continue reading

WooYoung Gets A Scratch In The Face

You know how Korean fans can be. Harsh or just plain nice. But this one was just plain… mad.

WooYoung didn’t have his period and realized he had blood all over his pants but instead fans caused this chaos.

For Christmas, the 2PM boys had a special appearance for a club in Kangnam, Seoul. When fans heard about this, they pretty much rushed to the club and tried to get closer to their idols… litterally. Continue reading

Yamaguchi Proposes to SooYoung

Copy (2) of yamaguchi_SooYoung_KJP

I’m sorry, but I’m kinda freaked out now.

We all know that Japanese people are pretty cool but this guy is pretty weird. Yamaguchi has always wanted to marry a Korean woman like Kim Jung Min, who married a Japanese woman. He appeared on Star King.

He said slowly, in Korean “Korean Woman really pretty. I ate Wasabi and practiced my vocal.” Shall I say awkward. For this nice performance he did a Kim Jung Min version of SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish”. After he was done performing, he walked to the panel (where SNSD members were sitting), brought out a diamond ring, knelt on the ground, and proposed to SooYoung. To awkward. Continue reading

2PM are sexy for Ceci


Okay, I usually don’t post magazine shoots, because I really hate making more space by adding more pictures, but this photoshoot was very… sexy some shall say.

Ceci Magazine celebrated 15 years in the busiiness and what more do you want than to keep celebrating with some hotties? For the August Edition the boys showed their playful/dorky side. But I thought it was effing sexy.

Before you see the pictures, Continue reading

Someone has a crush on NichKhun


And she’s older than him.

Park Eun Young confessed on KBS 2TV Yeo You Man Man that she has a crush on 2PM NichKhun. She even said that if NichKhun asked her to be his girlfriend, she would immediately say yes.

She also said that she saw NichKhun perform at Music Bank and sounded and danced sexy, even though he’s young.

She was asked about the age difference and answered “My parents are actually nine years apart, 7 years apart is good for me.”

This might be a shcoking, or good thing to many people. But NichKhun is interested in older women.