Wonder Girls Win Award For Digital Sales In China

Credit: PikeYenny4 @ YT

The girls of the hit Korean female group attended China’s Wireless Music Award in Beijing and also picked up an award as they left. They had a total of five million three hundred seventy one thousand and nine hundred three digital downloads last year, or simpler.. Continue reading


Wonder Girls Go Live In Malaysia

Gave me 2 different tears. After all these years. That song is still stuck in my head. It’s so awesome! Too bad not a lot of Americans like it.

Anyways, the girls attended MTV Asia’s Stage Live award located in Malaysia and they rocked… as you can tell in the photo above. They performed for a crowd of approximately 15,000 and fans sang along. They opened their heart stopping performance with Continue reading

Wonder Girls Show 2 Different Tears

These girls are slowly spicing things up for their new english album. But wait… what’s 2 Different Tears? You may ask… I’ll give you more info as you keep reading. 2 Different Tears will be released on May 15th! But what is it? Keep reading!!

Wonder Girls’ member Sohee and YooBin both made up the concept for this new album because SoHee and YooBin look ultra fab. This is another Continue reading

SunMi Has Her Final Performance

Is anyone gasping?

February 20th was a sad day for all Wonderfuls and for the Wonder Girls. It was the last day for SunMi to perform with the girls in an event called POP-CON. SunMi is leaving to pursue her education in Korea, while the girls stay in America promoting their upcoming album with a replacement, Hae Lim. Continue reading

Hae Lim’s Friend Raps To Cheer Her On But Disses WonderFuls

Okay, well this is very awkward.

The newest member of Wonder Girls, Hae Lim, has been getting some hater messages from a lot of people due to the decision made by Sun Mi to leave the group. Fans weren’t happy about the departure of Sun Mi. And after replacing her with Hae Lim they were furious and started writing hate comments on different websites. And then here comes a man called “Jam In”. Continue reading

Wonder Girls Comes To Korea, Leaving Sun Mi In America

It’s actually kinda hard to wake up one day and find out that a member of one of your favorite groups has left. TT_TT It’s okay, I’m getting to a better stage.

Wonder Girls are getting ready to translate their hit song “Nobody” to Chinese, which will start in February. The girls went back to Korea to prepare, leaving Sun Mi in America. Continue reading