Park Han Byul Gets An Increase In Anti-Fans

Wow. Ultra pretty.

Anyways, there have been some news flying about that Park Han Byul has been receiving tons of Anti-fans these days. On December 16th, Park had tweeted that it seems she has an increase in anti-fans… from foreign countries. Park also stated that she’s starting to feel weak but is hoping that it is just because she has Continue reading


[MV] SE7EN Goes Crazy

I’m really happy about this because this is my favorite song from his album. I’m seriously happy that he made a video.

Anyways, SE7EN released another MV from his album titled “Digital Bounce” with the song “I’m Going Crazy”. Though, I am not thoroughly happy with this because SE7EN and the world reminded me that he Continue reading

[Mini-Album Review] SE7EN Disappointed A Little With Digital Bounce

That’s right people, he’s back! I’m a fan of SE7EN, not really a big fan because I only have like two songs of him on my iPod. But this is surely to get me back on track with him. SE7EN is back with a new mini-album titled “Digital Bounce” and it contains seven brand new songs.

SE7EN is a Korean singer that debuted in 2003 with the genre of R&B and Hip-Hop. He was born in Seoul South Korea and is under YG Entertainment. SE7EN switched up a little for his new album, so if he switched, it’s a good time for a bad or good review. Before I go on, check out the tracklist: Continue reading

Se7en To Comeback On 20100721

It seemed like it’s taking years for him to come back. I can tell it’s SE7EN. He has nice lips.

*clears throat* anyways, let’s get to the news. It has now been revealed that SE7EN will be coming back by July 21st 2010. There was a short teaser released and it doesn’t sound R&B or Hip-Hop. Hope he doesn’t put too much auto-tune. Continue reading

Will YG Entertainment kill SE7EN’s career?


It’s been sometime since we’ve heard about SE7EN. I even almost forgot that he was debuting in the U.S. All those hype he’s been giving us since he debuted on 106 & Park on BET. Still… no success huh?

It was said last month that YG was going to ruin SE7EN’s career by turning down big deals in the US and some in Korea and Japan. When this news released worldwide, fans were shocked. But like all companies do, they try to look like the good guy. Continue reading

Who saw it?


Who saw SE7EN’s “Girls” video on BET’s 106 & Park? I sure as hell did!

I actually forgot about the whole thing. I kinda,okay I forgot about it, until I got on my laptop and saw that SE7EN’s video would be on. I quickly turned on the TV and thought they already did it. Mostly cause they were on Countdown 6. I put the speakers on my TV all the way, cause I had to write news somewhere else.  I thought they already played it cause I heard the song, but it was a closing song for advert.

Then, I heard Rocsi say Continue reading