[Hot Shot]New SeeYa member… revealed


The new member of SeeYa is now revealed and who is she?

Her name is Soo Mi and she’s 20 years old, born in 1989. She is also 170CM tall. It is said that she’s a great singer and can also a great dancer. Wow she must be perfect.

Soo Mi had a dream to become a singer and got the chance when she auditioned for “Young Jae Yook Sung Project” in 2001. She passed the audition but couldn’t go further when her parents found out that she spent money she saved to go to the audition. She then went back to her studies for her 6th grade class. Continue reading

Nam Gyu Ri Quits SeeYa… For Good


We reported last month that SeeYa would be coming back once again. But it seems like this fighting against members won’t be happening after all.

Former member of SeeYa Nam Gyu Ri quits SeeYa for good, this time. She says that the members and her weren’t getting along so well. So she just left.

Core Contents Media stated on the phone “The company and Nam Gyu Ri had been talking, but we (the company & other members of SeeYa) had differences with Nam Gyu Ri, therefore we don’t think she’ll ever return to SeeYa.”

The company has already found a better replacement for Nam Gyu Ri and she will be revealed on when? When?! When!!? On August 19th.

Is Nam Gyu Ri really that stubborn?

Nam Gyu Ri says “See Ya Later” to SeeYa


When she got back with the group.

The ‘pain in the ass’ former member of SeeYa has returned. After the bloody war between Lee Boram and Kim Yeon Ji vs. Nam Gyu Ri, they’re all pals again. Core Contents Media said that they met up with Nam Gyu Ri and resolved the problem. They even talked about future plans with all the SeeYa members. They also said that the ‘war’ didn’t have anything to do with money. Continue reading

SeeYa can’t find another Nam Gyu Ri?


If you want to find someone that has a nice voice that would fit SeeYa, hell yeah it would be hard.

The members of SeeYa, Lee BoRam and Kim Yeon Ji told the truth on what was going behind doors about two months ago. But, now ex-member, Nam Gyu Ri shot back and pretty much said that what they said were lies. Now, I am confused on who is saying the truth.

Now SeeYa’s company is now trying to find a replacement for the snobby, or not snobby, Nam Gyu Ri.

They actually thought it would be easy finding a singer that can sing as well as Nam Gyu Ri and the rest of the members, but they thought wrong.

If you’re a fan of SeeY and have a powerful voice, I think it’s a good time to speak up.

[MV] T-ara, SeeYa, Davichi are ‘Forever Loved’


The project group that consists of T-ara’s Ji Yeon, Davichi, and SeeYa has been made. The song is titled “Forever love” for Cinderella Man OST. The MV is colorful, while the song is very cheerful.

The ‘new’ group are scheduled to perform their new song on May 7th at M! Countdown. Check the video out!

Credits: hyoriLUVER @ YT

To admit it, the song isn’t that good for me. I might have to listen to it a couple more times to get used to it.

Is Nam Gyu Ri telling the truth?

namgyuri_kjp2If you don’t know what’s going on, you should really search up Nam Gyu Ri, because more DRAMA is coming!

To sum it up, Core Contents Media sued Nam Gyu Ri for not switching to the company assigned to her. To make it even more worse, the rest of SeeYa member held a press conference yesterday talking about Nam Gyu Ri lying about everything she had said. Now it’s gotten worse. Continue reading