GDragon Tears Up While Speaking About Daesung At Mini Concert

The members of Big Bang had shared their thoughts on the accident that happened to Daesung, in which Daesung was hurt badly that he couldn’t participate in many activities the boys were doing, during their mini concert.

During their concert titled “Big Bang’s Mini Concert,” Taeyang had stated that they are going through a rough time without Daesung. Continue reading


[Poll] Hottest Korean Guy Under 20!

We had made a poll last year that featured some of the hottest Korean girls under 20, now it’s the boys turn. We all love our Korean men… and their abs. There are many girls that go crazy for their “man” that we would threaten many others that get too close to them. We even shut down websites because of the harsh words we say. But that’s us fangirls. We present you the hottest Korean guys under 20!! Continue reading


This is a telecinema that is produced simultaneously for television and cinema. Each act is 120 minutes long and two episodes each. The drama versions will air in Korea whereas the film versions will air in Japan.

  • Title: 텔레시네마 / Telecinema
  • Episodes: 14
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2010-TBA
  • Air time: TBA Continue reading

[Hot Shot] Daesung’s Car accident


SeungRi and Daesung were supposed to perform together in a musical event called “SHOUTING”, but due to Daesung’s car accident, he couldn’t make it. SeungRi started the performance without Daesung and performed with a backup. They’re probably going to use the same backup for the rest of the shows.

But pictures of Daesung’s car accident has been released. And it’s true, the car was crushed. All members of Big Bang went to the hospital to visit their fellow member. Check out the photos. Continue reading

SeungRi gets too intimate


If you all didn’t know there was a scene that wasn’t shown in SeungRi’s “Strong Baby” MV. And why was that? Because it was too intimate.

Our little Big Bang member is growing up so he decides to kiss a random girl. It’s okay if fangirls wanna scream or call her a bitch. That’s what we do. You guys can try ruining her life, find every information on her, then it’ll just lead to her crying and wishing she never shoot this. Yep, that’s what fangirls do. Continue reading

Here comes the “19” Preview


The preview for the new and exciting movie, 19, which is starring Heo Yi Jae, both SeungRi and T.O.P. of famous Korean hip-hop group, Big Bang.

For big fans of T.O.P., before you watch the preview I just want to let you know that there will be a smooching scene between T.O.P. and Heo Yi Jae. Continue reading

’71’ lowers down to ’70’


Because one sexy actor drops his row. Great!

Big Bang’s SeungRi was going to act the upcoming movie ’71’ with Boys Over Flower co-star Kim Bum.

’71’ tells a story about the 71 South Korean student soldiers, who fought lots of North Korean soldiers in the war that was on August 10th, 1950. Yun Chi Wook would be played by Big Bang’s Continue reading