Meet ‘Project Girl Group’


Something to cheer some fans that are down today. If you wanna laugh and think about boys singing SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” then you’ve gotta check this out.

SBS Inkigayo announced that they’re having a Project Girl Group with SHINee’s Taemin and Key, and 2PM’s Taecyeon and WooYoung, and the last member was a secret. It is now revealed! MC Mong is the last cherry in the Cherry Ice Cream. They sure made a perfect girl group. Check out the video! Continue reading

Is SM Entertainment another way to enter Hell?


Maybe it’s a good thing to read this article before entering auditions, such as the Weekly ones.

No one knows what goes on behind doors, but some of us can try to find out. We all wanna know if the Entertainment world is a glamorous to live in. But it isn’t so glamorous. You get the fame and money (or maybe not), and you get fans that give you gifts, and people think you can get whatever you want. Wrong or right?

DBSK have been standing up for themselves and told the media what SM is a bitch palace, and can ruin your life. Continue reading

SHINee Is Officially Going To Japan


SM has finally announced it… SHINee is heading to Japan to probably replace DBSK/Tohoshinki ever since that battle between them and SM started.

Anyways, we mentioned before that SHINee is possibly going to debut in Japan, but there wasn’t an official until now.

KJNet officially announced that SHINee will visit Japan on the 10th to hold a fan meeting in Nigano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo. They also said that they will probably also have an album coming out soon.

Eh, I hope they can make it Japan and I hope that they don’t “remake” old songs. Refresh SHINee… be shiny!

Korean stars try their best to help their nation…

Copy of afterschool_poor_KK[

… by helping the poor! I have to admit it, I didn’t want to write this article, because I thought it was a waste of time, but since I’m a big fan of most or all of the stars performing, I just had to write.

On June 20th, big stars in the K-Pop industry will come to help the charity by getting together at Seoul University Stadium to help the poor.

Stars such as SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, Tiger JK, After School, Taegoon, Davichi, one of my fave artist… Tasha (T/Yoon Mi Rae/Baby T) and more will attend it.

KBS, SK Telecom, Nike, and Dragonfly will sponsor it. This is very generous!

Dream Concert 09 is coming!


The 2009 Dream Concert will be held at SangAm stadium on October 10.

This will make the 15th year of this spectacular event. The title of 2009’s dream concert will be called “Loving Korea 2009 Dream Concert”. This event is not only calling teens, it is calling adults too and young children too. A whole family to enjoy the sacred day. Continue reading

[MV]SHINee sings for ‘Juliette’


I am freaking happy about their comeback, but to say the truth, their new song titled ‘Juliette’ didn’t wow me like Park Ji Yoon’s comeback.

SHINee finally released their new single titled ‘Juliette’. It kinda reminds me of the new age and the old age mixed together. Let’s say, disco age and pop age.

The video is pretty much kinda like William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. SHINee’s JongHyun wrote the lyrics himself, which is kinda Continue reading