[Throwback] S.E.S. Makes Dreams Come True

This will be the first throwback that will be made on KJP’s page. This new category and topic is made in order to inform new or ‘not to well known of past Asian pop music’ listeners to embark on the good ‘ol days in which Asian pop was all about the voice and ‘new’ music rather than sex and auto-tunes. I haven’t been into kpop for a very long time so this will also be something new to me. I will try to post 2 – 4 times a month so people can enter a new world they never saw before. Throwback music will include songs from the 1950s to 2009. And as the years pass by a whole new year will be added (e.g. 2011, 2009. 2012, 2010. 2013, 2011). It will also include songs from Japan, Taiwan and our precious Korea. Maybe some drop ins from China too. Eh eh. Interesting huh? I will only pick one song, not one artist to keep a topic on. Well, why don’t we get started.

This topic will be about S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True.” Some people have heard topics and songs from S.E.S. and I know everyone thinks “Who or what is S.E.S?” S.E.S. stands for the names of the members in the group. S = Sea. E = Eugene. S = Shoo. They were under SM Entertainment Continue reading

SM Entertainment Violates Han Geng’s Human Rights

I wonder how the stars in SM Entertainment deal with what’s happening.

HanGeng had an interview with BTV program on July 12th. The reporter had asked him a few questions about his treatment in SM Entertainment and he had answered with amazing answers that would shock many fans of SuJu and the SM Family.

HanGeng had sued SM last year to leave his 13 year contract with SM and the battle is still going on today. It is said that he had sued SM after a number of Continue reading

Court Case On Crebeau’s WiShop Plus Drops?

What does this mean?

Crebeau’s WiShop Plus, a cosmetic brand that DBSK’s Jaejoong, YooChun, and Junsu invest in, filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment but now it seems to be have been dropped. There were a lot of controversy to the brand and they had sued the Continue reading

SNSD To Debut In Japan?

Um… Finally!

SNSD have been singing “Gee” for some while and it went all the way to Japan. It’s that good that Japanese people are obsessed with it. Even my friend that only listens to Japanese music knows about them. They’re quite famous. Finally they’re coming to a place where they might not have much antis. Continue reading

SM Entertainment Responds To SNSD’S Sextoon

Yoon Suh In, the creator of the cartoon of SNSD, seems to be in major dodo. His cartoon, as you know, was put as sexual harassment towards the girls of SNSD. I actually find it funny, but I guess SM Entertainment doesn’t. I understand this cause this guy is probably a 40 year-old virgin or something. Anyways he apologized for what he did andtook down the picture from the internet. His apology went… Continue reading

SNSD To Come Back On February!

Yes! Yes! Yes! And don’t think about this in a nasty way.

There were rumors going around that SNSD would be coming back in February, and now this rumors are now true! There were speculates that it would be a mini-album. But that’s false, it’s a full-length album. Apparently the girls were working on this album since 2009, so this album should be very enjoyable. Continue reading